Monday, December 8, 2008

You gotta love Maria Bartiromo's CNBC commercial

The CNBC commercials featuring its anchors and reporters are great. The best is Maria Bartiromo's commercial. Check it out. The commercials are called "I am CNBC." Bartiromo, the ever-popular "Money Honey," in the commercial says, among other things, "I am a reporter, a magazine columnist, a journalist, a best-selling author, the first person to report live from the New York Stock Exchange. I am an accordion player." There's more. But Bartiromo playing the accordion? Interesting. Love to see that video on You Tube. Can't find that or her CNBC commercial. For now, you have to go to the CNBC site.

The site also includes video clips (not included in the commercial) of Bartiromo talking about her days as a "coat check girl." The site also provides links to other CNBC commercials, including Mark Haines, Charlie Gasparino, David Faber, Joe Kernan and Rebecca Jarvis. The site also includes Bartiromo's CNBC nemesis, Erin Burnett.

I'd take Bartiromo's commercial over Burnett. I think Haines' commercial is funny, just like he is. I must say, I like Charlie Gasparino's commercial the best. You can tell he loves the job. He says: "I am a writer, son of an ironworker, son of New York. ... in love with my wife. ... My mother called me Chucky, but no one else better try it. ... And if I were to die on the job, I would be very honored."

There are also "I am CNBC" endorsements by others in the business and entertainment world. These commercials with non-CNBC people have been running for more than a year. The commercials with the CNBC personalities appear to have been running since September.


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