Friday, October 31, 2008

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay battle over Texas-Texas Tech

More of ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. This time to pair discuss the Texas-Texas Tech game on Saturday. After Kiper picks Texas Tech, McShay slips in a shot at Kiper. "Very interesting, Mel. I think you are way off, but I think it's very interesting," said McShay. Kiper counters with, "It's not the first time you said that." McShay follows with, "And probably not the last." These two are getting like John Clayton and ex-ESPNer Sean Salisbury.

When McShay and Kiper speak, we listen: Ga. vs Fla.

ESPN's Todd McShay and Mel Kiper share their thoughts on the Georgia-Florida game this weekend. Interestingly, they exchange a few words about the quarterbacks Tim Tebow of Florida and Matthew Stafford of Georgia. When they move on to different topics, the moderator jokingly tells them to feel free to disagree. They get into about the 2:45 mark for about 20 seconds or so. And then McShay gives Kiper a shot at the end when they make their picks for the game.

Friday, October 24, 2008

E:60 reports on competitive eating

E:60 features the story behind competitive eating contests. It's 15-minute report on eating. Eat your heart out, folks.

Dan Patrick only MSM member not on Favre's side?

I don't watch enough TV and listen to enough radio, but it seems like Dan Patrick is the lone member of the mainstream media to rip Brett Favre for sharing information with the Detroit Lions. A few sort of questioned Favre's action, but most (Peter King, Mike Golic, etc.) wanted to sweep this under the rug.

And when I say mainstream media, I guess I mean the big dawgs in the business. I am sure some of the local newspaper/radio/TV guys in New York, Detroit and Green Bay, didn't ride to Favre's rescue. Heck, they were the ones asking Favre the tough questions during his press conference.

Anyway, this leads me to Dan Patrick, who actually ripped Favre on his radio program Thursday. Here are Patrick's words, after he was told he was getting mail from listeners who were saying he was a Favre hater as well as a Favre apologist:
    How did I become a Favre apologist? I don't hate Brett Favre. But I don't think he is being totally honest here that it was total B.S. that he contacted the Lions. "Okay, I did contact the Lions. Okay, I didn't tell them anything. All right, we only talked for a couple minutes. Okay?" It's wrong if there was any conversation about the Packers and anything to do with the game plan. So for the NFL players, former NFL players, analysts, apologists, who keep saying, "There's nothing wrong with this. That is happens all the time." Please don't take the broad brush to this. It is Favre, Packers, Lions. You don't play for the Lions. If you played for the Lions and you told them every play in the playbook, I don't have a problem with that. But don't make it seem like guys do this all the time. This is Favre, Green Bay and the Lions. That doesn't happen. We will never get to the true core of this, but I believe Jay Glazer is telling the truth when he says this is how it came out. If you heard Glazer on the show, he said, "I am a million percent positive on this."
By the way, if you go to Patrick's web site, there's a photo of him with Favre at last year's Sports Illustrated ceremony to award Favre as the magazine's Sportsmen of the Year.

As always, when Mel Kiper and Todd McShay talk, we listen

Draft experts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay talk about the weekend college football games and some of the players involved in these game.

ESPN's Outside the Lines focuses on Palin, Obama & basketball

On Sunday's version of Outside the Lines, ESPN focuses on the basketball talent of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Obama, whose brother-in-law is the head basketball coach at Oregon State, is known to play basketball while on the campaign trail. Palin, who is known for her looks, was a member of her hometown high school team that won a state title. Palin (No. 22 in photo) sank a pair of free throws with 10 seconds left as her team posted a five-point win over a team from Anchorage. The Alaska Governor of her high school championship victory said:
    "It absolutely changed my life. It may sound hokey -- that state championship really was a very significant time in my life because we knew that our team, together we had overcome such adversity… I can relate so much of the principles of the lessons learned then to what we are going through right now.”
The show airs 9 a.m. Sunday on ESPN.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you love colors, you'll love this NFL story has broken each NFL team down by the colors. After all these years, you would think you know your favorite team inside and out, right? Ok, well let's see. New York Jets fans, what are you team colors?

If you answered green and white, you get half a point. The real answer is hunter green and white.

Let's try again. The Dallas Cowboys? Answer: royal blue, metallic silver-green, Navy blue, silver, and white.

Philadelphia Eagles? Answer: Midnight green, black, white and silver.

Detroit Lions? Answer: Honolulu blue, silver, black, white.

Of course, the Oakland Raiders colors are black, silver and white. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers are black and gold. But all is not what it appears with all the teams.

The site also posts each team's color uniform, white uniform and alternative uniform (if they have one).

ESPN's McShay on Ohio St., Penn St., Pryor and Clark

As always, when ESPN's Todd McShay (or Mel Kiper) talks, we listen. Today's topics: Ohio State, Penn State, Terrelle Pryor, Daryll Clark.

Some guy named Donald Brown leads country in rushing

Check out's interview by Brian Bennett's with Donald Brown (right), who leads the nation in rushing. Brown's average of 167.7 yards per game is 20 yards more than his closest competitor. One question thrown Brown's way is the possibly of a Heisman. Here's the UConn back's answer:
    To be honest, as long as we keep winning, that's all I care about. We let the last two games slip away, and hopefully the outcome will be different Saturday. You know, the offensive line has been making it easy for me, making my job a lot easier. [The attention] is great, but you've just got to worry about one week at a time and stay focused and that stuff will take care of itself. I'm not worried about any of that stuff.

ESPN airs Favre's denial, story now over

For a couple days, ESPN ignored the Brett Favre story of him possibly sharing information with the Detroit Lions. Yesterday, ESPN aired clips of Favre denying that he shared info with Lions GM Matt Millen. "Outside the Lines" did a nice job questioning the possibly of Favre doing so. Other then that, ESPN still doesn't seem eager to tackle this topic.

McCain, Obama provide introduction to 2008 World Series

Nice job. Senators John McCain and Barack Obama provide the introduction to the 2008 World Series for Fox.

Elementary teacher screws up, posts best time in marathon

An elementary teacher posted the best time in the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco but wasn't declared the winner. It was all her fault. Arien O'Connell, a fifth-grade teacher, failed to get into the "elite" group of runners that started 20 minutes before the rest of the ordinary runners. Nike's response: "At this point," Nike media relations manager Tanya Lopez said Monday, "we've declared our winner."

Like Nike says, Arien O'Connell should leave nothing to fate.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Gene Hickerson dies at 73

Cleveland Browns Hall of Famer Gene Hickerson died Monday at the age of 73. He blocked for three other Hall of Famers -- Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly and Bobby Mitchell. Brown was quoted as calling Hickerson “the greatest downfield blocker in the history of pro football.” Hickerson was inducted into the Hall in 2007 when Brown, Kelly and Mitchell pushed Hickerson's wheelchair onto the stage in Canton. Hickerson played in the NFL for 15 seasons, all with the Browns. He was a sixth round draft choice out of Mississippi. He was inducted into the Hall with Michael Irvin, Thurman Thomas, Charlie Sanders, Bruce Matthews and Roger Wehrli.


ESPN finally mentioned the Brett Favre information peddling story. But Pro Football Talk goes on the offensive, ripping ESPN for its poor coverage of the Brett Favre Saga, where the former Packers QB shared information with the Lions the week they were playing the Packers. Here's a short take of PFT's report:
    Written with surgical precision aimed undoubtedly at avoiding the key admissions Favre made during his Wednesday press conference, the item crafted by “ news services” strongly suggests that Favre denied everything that Glazer reported.

    Here’s the only quote that the article contains: “I didn’t give [Matt Millen] any game-planning. I haven’t been in that offense in over a year. I don’t know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple.”

    But Favre said so much more than that. And any journalist or editor committed to understanding a story completely wouldn’t ignore the other statements from Favre that provide the rest of the picture.
Here's a report on ESPN after Favre's press conference. Mike Golic seems like he is defending Favre.

Stiles Points defends Lou Holtz

Stiles Points, a Michigan fan, defends former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz, who attempted to crack a joke in comparing Rich Rodriguez to Adolph Hitler. Stiles Points asks: Where was the outrage when Madonna compared John McCain to Hitler? Stiles Points writes:
    I am neither liberal nor conservative, but i think it stinks when the liberal media and bloggers will go after a 71-year-old man who clearly misspoke...but none of them have the grapefruits to take on the left-wing liberal nutjob Madonna.

Long national nightmare over: ESPN mentions Favre saga

FanHouse reports that ESPN's Sage Steele mentioned the story of Brett Favre possibly shearing secrets with the Detroit Lions. FanHouse writes:
    Now, on Sportscenter's live telecast this morning, Sage Steele brought up the fact that there was communication between the two sides, the first mention of the story since it broke.

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  •'s Chris Low shares the path to the BCS title game for Alabama, LSU, Florida and Georgia.
  • More to come, I hope.
  • An Instant Classic: Packer 48, Lions 25 (NFL Week 2)

    It was Week 2 that Brett Favre allegedly aided the Detroit Lions. It was Aaron Rodgers' first start on the road. Rodgers was 24-of-38 for 328 yards and three touchdowns. The Packers jumped out to a 21-0 lead before they saw it disappear quickly.

    Simply Red: That's Tressel's message

    Ohio State coach Jim Tressel tells his people to wear red to the game with Penn State Saturday night. Tressel, who wore a bright red jacket to meet the media Tuesday, said: "I wanted to make sure I got the message out loud and clear that we need to be wearing red on Saturday night." (By the way, I thought the Buckeyes' colors were Scarlet and Gray? What's with the red?) Here's someone's attempt to belittle the Buckeyes. You gotta love the Buffalo Bills logo on the side of the Ohio State helmet.

    Hockey players take jock-ularity to new level

    Hockey players celebrate, and then one experiences a little jock-ularity. The player attempts to hand it to an official, who wants no part of it.

    Future beauties: Never leave purse (with pot in it) at crime scene is reporting that Miss Louisiana Teen USA was stripped of her title after the ill-attempted dine-and-dash procedure. Rule No. 1: Avoid leaving your purse behind.
      (Lindsey) Evans was arrested this weekend after she and a group of friends allegedly tried to dine-and-dash -- all over a $46.07 bill. Problem -- the pageant queen left her purse at the scene of the crime. She went back to retrieve it, and was busted when cops found pot in the purse.

    ESPN-Gate: Jay Glazer ticked over ESPN memo

    The release of the ESPN memo, telling their folks not to report what Jay Glazer was reporting over at Fox, has Glazer ticked with the network. The ESPN memo had the headline: "DO NOT REPORT . . . DO NOT REPORT . . . . DO NOT REPORT . . . DO NOT REPORT.” Pro Football Talk reports (under the headline "GLAZER GOES ON THE WARPATH"):
      Among other things, Glazer called ESPN’s attempt to question the accuracy of his story “kind of garbage,” and he said that he has no problem putting his record against ESPN’s.

      “Don’t make it personal with me,” Glazer said. “I’ll make it personal with you.”

      For starters, Glazer suggested that a score sheet should be kept between his reports and those from ESPN.

      “I’ve got no problem going record for record,” Glazer said. “In fact I’d like to do that.”
    This Glazer vs. ESPN story (with Peter King tossed in for good measure) is better than the Favre-Lions debacle.

    Former Favre teammate: More stories on Favre due

    Former Green Bay Packers safety LeRoy Butler sort of defended Brett Favre in a interview on Sportsradio 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee. But then he said there are “other stories that are going to come out” about Favre. Here's a report from the Green Bay Press Gazette:
      (Jay) Glazer, in an interview with Sportsradio 1250 WSSP in Milwaukee, said he stood by his story “1,000 percent.” On the same radio station, former Packers safety LeRoy Butler said he doesn’t believe Favre initiated the conversation with the Lions.

      “Brett didn’t do a whole lot of calling around,” Butler told WSSP. “People called him, and he loves to talk and the phone was passed around.”

      Butler also said there are “other stories that are going to come out” about Favre.

      “This is just the beginning,” Butler said. “This is only the smallest one.”

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Patriots are 4-2 but they still have their doubters

    New England are without Tom Brady for the rest of the year. They are also without some love from the media. One of doubters is Scouts Inc., which writes:
      Few are in Belichick's class when it comes to identifying needs and adequately patching up personnel packages with role players. But the Patriots now have lost two great leaders and hugely important on-field assets in Brady and Harrison. Add Maroney (and possibly Morris) to that equation, and this team seems to be close to an injury tipping point.

    Charles Woodson stands by his comments on Favre

    After Sunday's game, Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson said the following about Brett Favre's alleged involvement in aiding the Detroit Lions: “He contacted them? I don’t respect that. If they called him and he gives them information, that’s one thing. But to seek a team out, because you know I guess you’re trying to sabotage this team, you know I don’t respect that. I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time but there’s no honor in that.” After a couple days to think about what he said, he stands by his words about Favre. Pro Football Talk writes:
      Woodson stopped a couple of reporters and asked them whether they believe the report that Favre helped the Lions. When the reporters told Woodson they believed the story, Woodson said, “OK, then I stand 100 percent behind my words.”

    ESPN-Gate: ESPN explains decision not to report on Favre

    Pro Football Talk finally got a response from ESPN on the lack of reporting on Brett Favre sharing information about the Green Bay Packers with the Detroit Lions. In a statement, ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz, said:
      “Like all reports that come in, we gave careful consideration to this one. We couldn’t confirm it. It’s obviously a judgment call. Given the nature of the story, we needed to bring a lot of sensitivity to our reporting and do what we felt was the most responsible thing.”

    ESPN-Gate: ESPN still out to lunch on Brett Favre story

    ESPN is only media outlet not reporting Brett Favre story that he shared information with the Detroit Lions about the Green Bay Packers earlier this season when the two teams played. Jay Glazer said on the Jim Rome Show that he is "1,000" percent sure of his story. Here's The Sporting News' report:
      After FoxSports reported on Monday that Brett Favre spent more than an hour debriefing the Lions coaching staff about the Packers' offensive strategies, nearly every sports news outlet in America picked up the story -- except ESPN.

      The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel questioned the conspicuous absence of the story on ESPN early Tuesday. Mike Florio, a Sporting News contributor, received an internal memo from ESPN that instructs editors to steer clear of the Favre-Lions story.
    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel posted some of Glazer's comments on the Rome show, including this one:
      Matt (Millen) was trying to get him to go hunting, Matt has a house down in Pennsylvania and Brett's up there in New Jersey, so Brett just happened to call back the week that they were playing the Green Bay Packers. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe whatever it is. Brett said, 'By the way, who are playing this week?-type of thing.' (Favre said) 'Oh, you are? You guys want any tips?' And then Matt hooked him up with the coaching staff and Brett...When Brett talks, he doesn't do anything in snippets. Brett talks...I've always said he's my absolutely my favorite person to ever sit down with in production meetings where I had done games at Fox because it's the world according to Brett and it's phenomenal. You sit in there and he just goes. That's what he did with the Lions' coaching staff.
    Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times filed a story with the headline "Brett Favre's denial about tipping Lions rings hollow." Farmer wrote:
      Favre wasn't asked about the report after Sunday's loss at Oakland, but before the game he text-messaged NBC's Peter King and flatly denied it.

      Big surprise. I heard the same kind of adamant denial last spring, a month after Favre's tearful retirement, when I wrote that Favre's agent was poking around the league to see whether any teams were interested in trading for the future Hall of Famer.
    Here's the Chicago Tribune's NFL writer Dan Pompei on Jay Glazer's reputation:
      The man who broke the Favre story, Jay Glazer of Fox, is not a shoot-from-the-hip kind of reporter. He does not swing and miss very often, and he does not play fast and loose with the facts. In fact, people have told me they had heard rumors after the Packers-Lions game about Favre trying to prep the Lions.
    The New York Post writes:
      (The Glazer report on Favre) leaves one wondering why a network that beat us over the head with wall-to-wall coverage of Favre's fallout with the Packers and subsequent signing with the Jets would stay mum on this issue.
    The New York Times' web blog "The Fifth Down" is even writing about it. How will Peter King, Favre's favorite in the media, respond? And will ESPN actually report this stuff?
    (Updated at 10:00 p.m. 10-21-08)

    Peter King: Jay Glazer should have gotten Brett Favre's comment

    Peter King, Brett Favre's favorite in the media, didn't disagree with the accuracy of Jay Glazer's report that Brett Favre may have shared information about the Packers with the Detroit Lions. But King did say Glazer should have called Favre for a comment before running with the story. King said Glazer told him that if he called Favre, Glazer was worried he would feed the story to someone else in hopes for a better spin for Favre. Wonder who Favre would have peddled the story to? Hmmmm. Here's Peter King's comments on the Dan Patrick radio show Monday:
      "I was texting with Glazer last night. I know Jay, and I was of the opinion that I thought on something this serious that Jay should have called Favre and gotten his reaction. And at least gotten the denial. I think journalistically, that's what you have to do. Jay's feeling was that if he did it, that Favre would have shared the story with somebody. So he would have got beat on his own story. And I kind of understand that. But ... the story is in essence going to ruin Favre's reputation. It will be as hurtful as anything, in my opinion, that has ever happened to him since he has walked into the NFL. And that includes going to rehab."
    I love the line "that Favre would have shared the story with somebody." I wonder if Glazer thought that "somebody" was King?

  • Pro Football Talk reports: ESPN issued internal “DO NOT REPORT” warning on Favre story.
  • Awful Announcing also shares his thoughts on ESPN's avoidance of the Favre story.
  • Ronnie Lott on college kid who amputated finger: courageous

    It's been big news for a while: Mesa State College senior Trevor Wikre amputates finger so he can avoid seeing his season end. Former San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ronnie Lott called Wikre's move "courageous." That is the word Lott used on the Dan Patrick radio show yesterday. Lott, you may remember, did the same thing when he was injured while playing for the 49ers in 1985. "He now has that badge of honor of being courageous," Lott said. Lott said he doesn't have any regrets doing it.

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  • Stiles Points shares his top 16 in college football as well as taking a look at the weekend's upcoming games.
  • From Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal: "Proving he can swim with sharks, the poker species, (Olympic simmer Michael) Phelps finished ninth out of 187 entrants in Sunday's $1,570 buy-in event (at Caesars Palace)."
  • Tony Romo sings Jessica Simpson's songs, reports
  • People magazine polls readers about NFL injuries

    Tom Brady is dating Gisele B√ľndchen. Brady's out for the season. Tony Romo is dating Jessica Simpson. Romo broke his pinkie and missed at least one game and maybe more. Reggie Bush is dating Kim Kardashian. Bush is out for 2-4 weeks. Notice a pattern? Sure, other bloggers and media outlets have noticed this same pattern, but only People magazine has had the guts to have the public vote to determine whether a star football player is at risk when dating a female star. As of 6 a.m. today, 69 percent have answered the same way The Zone Blitz answered: "No, it's just a coincidence they all were unlucky." No registration is needed to vote in this election.

    The Chicago Tribune posted an item with the headline asking: Is it safer to date nobodies?

    Why Patriots have figured it out and why they have not's Tim Graham shares three reasons why the New England Patriots may have figured it out. And three reasons why they may not have figured it out. What they needed to figure out was life (or at least a season) without Tom Brady. Here goes:
      Three reasons the Patriots have figured it out
      1. Revitalized running game.
      2. Cassel, Moss connect.
      3. Defense makes big plays.
      Three reasons the Patriots haven't figured it out
      1. Mounting injuries.
      2. Too many sacks.
      3. Tough schedule.
    By the way, the Pats are now 4-2. They have figured it out. We should be asking this question of the Chargers and Colts. Graham goes more in depth on his three reasons on

    Tennesse Titans get song; not as good as Oilers song

    They're the Tennesse Titans. They'll keep on fighting the all the way. Spotted this one on SI's Extra Mustard, no pickle.

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    ESPN's Pat Forde shares thoughts about Penn St.-Ohio St. game

    ESPN's Pat Forde expects big games from Terrelle Pryor and Evan Royster on Saturday.

    Michele Tafoya, Suzy Kolber breakdown Broncos-Patriots game

    ESPN's Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber breakdown the tonight's Broncos-Patriots game. It's better than Kornheiser and Jaws breaking down the game.

    Did Brett Favre trade secrets about Packers with Lions?

    There are so many storylines to this latest installment of the Brett Favre Saga. The New York Jets Diva is reported to have shares Green Bay Packers secrets with the Detroit Lions before the two teams met. Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports:
      "Brett Favre called the Detroit Lions, starting off with Matt Millen and then the coaching staff, and gave them a 90-minute dissertation on every single thing that the Green Bay Packers do on offense."
    Favre, in a text message to his man-friend/PR person/SI NFL beat writer Peter King, said, "total bs ... not true and pretty ridiculous. I'm telling you it's not true. What the hell is their [Fox's] problem?"

    I guess Favre has problem with Fox.

    Charles Woodson, Favre's former teammate with the Packers, said: "He contacted them? I don't respect that. If they call him and he gives them information, that's one thing. But to seek a team out and to feel like you're trying to sabotage this team, I don't respect that. I know he's been the greatest player around here for a long time, but there's no honor in that."

    King apparently isn't sold on the info reported by Fox. He writes, "I think if the Fox report on Brett Favre is correct about him advising the Detroit Lions with tips on how to beat the Green Bay Packers, his reputation will be irrevocably tarnished in Wisconsin." IF???? King says IF so he can remain FRIENDS with Favre. First, he probably knows it is true. Second, if he doesn't believe the report, then he is saying Glazer is WRONG. Then, I love how King says he had tarnished his reputation in Wisconsin. Wisconsin?!?!??! How about the rest of the country? If this was Terrell Owens, King would not even be saying "IF" this report is correct. He would have already accepted it as fact.

    People -- like King -- talk about Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens, but Brett Favre is the biggest Diva in the league. Favre is high-maintenance all the way.

    After all these years, we could have had neighbor arrested

    Remember all those years ago when your baseball or football went into the your most feared neighbor's yard? You would have to race to get the ball because you knew they were going to keep it. And if they did reach it before you did, that was it. There was no due process. The ball was theirs. And the game was over. The only recourse you had was a late-night egging of their house. These kids nowadays have it made. Here's an Associated Press story out of Blue Ash, Ohio:
      Police in Ohio say an 89-year-old woman is facing a charge of petty theft because neighborhood children accuse her of refusing to give back their football.

      Edna Jester was arrested last week in the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash.

      Police say one child's father complained that Jester kept the youngsters' ball after it landed in her yard. Police Capt. James Schaffer says there has been an ongoing dispute in the neighborhood over kids' balls landing in the woman's yard.
    Of course, maybe this lady going to jail is payback for all those baseballs and footballs lost by kids in the past. It's the universe correcting itself.'s Bill Williamson: "Favre looked old"'s Bill Williamson is saying New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre looked old. Someone please page Peter King. We need to hear the other side of this story. Here's what Williamson wrote following the Jets' embarrassing loss to the Oakland Raiders in overtime:
      Brett Favre looked old: You kept waiting for Favre to make a big play and win the game. It never happened. He had his moments, but Favre was not special. Not even close. He was horribly stagnant in overtime as he completed one of four passes during three uneventful drives. He threw two bad interceptions, including one at the Oakland goal line. Favre, 39, completed 21-of-38 for 197 yards. He rarely threw deep.

      "I don't think that was ever the plan," said Oakland cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who intercepted Favre once. "They dinked and dunked."

      After the game, Favre was down. He said the game was one of the toughest he ever had to endure. I remember his last game as a Green Bay Packer, in the NFC title game against the Giants in which his final pass was an interception, as tougher.

    The old "Wrong ball, coach" trick

    It's the old wrong-ball trick.

    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Alyssa Milano is a stinkin' New York Giants fan!!

    Actress Alyssa Milano, who is now making a nice career of being an attractive woman with a love for sports, is interviewed by Rich Eisen of the NFL Network about her new NFL clothing line. She also makes her celebrity picks for Week 7. But before she picks, we find out that she is a New York Giants fan and her boyfriend's father is on the chain-gang for the the Giants each home game.

    As much as I like the NFL Network, I didn't know they had a weekly celebrity picker. Mark Walhberg, who played some Philadelphia Eagle in a movie once, picked last week and was 4-6. The best records so far have been posted by Natalie Coughlin (Olympic swimmer) and Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani's husband), each 8-2. LL Cool J (yes, he's still around) had a 7-3 record, Jeffery Ross was 6-4 and Nelly was Walhberg-like (terrible) at 4-6.

    Her picks: Chargers, Bears, Ravens, Giants ("or I will be disowned"), Saints, Texans, Raiders, Colts, Redskins and Patriots.

    The NFL Network doesn't care about the other four games being played: Steelers at Bengals, Titans at Chiefs, Cowboys at Rams and the Seahawks at Buccaneers.

  • For more news, check out the home page of The Zone Blitz.
  • NFL Films: Mental note by Arizona Cardinals' special team captain, Sean Morey, was the difference against Cowboys

    The Dallas Cowboys had not allowed a touchdown off a blocked punt since 1983. That equals 25 years, people. NFL Films takes a look at that one play, the blocked punt by the Arizona Cardinals in overtime to beat the Cowboys last weekend. The Cardinals' special teams captain, Sean Morey, made a mental note of the Cowboys' previous punt and it changed the game.

    Stuff you should read (and watch)

    Here's a few things you might want to read (or even watch) today.
  • NFL Films' Steve Sabol reminisces Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders, both past and present.
  • Big day nears for Sarah Palin look-alike contest at Las Vegas strip club -- Las Vegas Reveiw Journal's Norm Clarke.
  • Them Buffalo Bills fans grow up earlier than most fans.
  • Sometimes streaking just isn't all it's cracked up to be

    Sometimes it's just not worth running naked at a football game no matter how drunk you may be. This guy gets drilled while streaking, and then you see the players rolling over with laughter while you hear the fans laughing at the guy. Football player 1, Streaker 0.

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    Belichick name-drops, admits he was glued to Red Sox game

    According to Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick admitted he couldn't turn off the Boston Red Sox' game with the Tampa Bay Rays Thursday.
      "It didn’t look too good there when it was 7-0. Then it was it was 7-1. Then it was 7-4, then 7-6 ... I thought the Red Sox played with the heart of a champion last night. It was pretty impressive."

      Belichick didn't turn the TV off at 7-0 because he felt the game was not over at that point.

      "That is the difference between baseball and football. You can’t run out the clock," he said. "You have to get them out. It’s a tough nine outs. Joe Torre told me that and [Tony] LaRussa verified it. You have to get them out."
    Yeah, Torre and LaRussa told me that, too.

    A 90-year-old mom gets Steelers tattoo for birthday

    A 90-year-old woman got a Pittsburgh Steelers tattoo for her birthday. It was a surprise from the kids.

    Michael Vick's in prison, but where in the world are his dogs?

    If you are like me and not smart enough to even think about watching the National Geographic Channel, you probably missed the season opening episode of Dogtown, which was called "Saving Michael Vick's Dogs."

    According the National Geographic Channel, 22 dogs formerly owned by the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick are, like their former owner, all fenced in. Vick is in Kansas. The 22 dogs, which are nearly half the surviving dogs from the Vick household, are in the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, where they arrived Jan. 2. The sanctuary is attempting to rehabilitate the pit bulls. Another 25 dogs were split up between six other dog rescuers.

    Like I said, the National Geographic Channel has a show called "Dogtown." The episode that focuses on four of the Vick dogs aired in early September, but here is the channel's web site's description of each of the four dogs:
      Initial diagnosis: Fearful of strangers, Meryl may lash out when meeting a new person if not properly introduced.

      Georgia (right)
      Initial diagnosis:
      When I met Georgia, she was very aloof with people, demonstrated food guarding issues and was aggressive to other dogs.

      Initial diagnosis:
      One of the things I immediately noticed about Denzel was his energy level. I know from experience that dogs with energy need plenty of exercise, so we would need to include exercise as part of the training program for Denzel. He would also need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, and we would also have to establish boundaries early on.

      Initial diagnosis:
      Shy and undersocialized, Cherry flattens to the ground when on a leash and doesn’t want to walk.
    The National Geographic Channel's web site also offers a description of the dog's training program and present status.

    Most of the Vick dogs will remain in the sanctuary for the rest of their lives. One of the video clips on the site reports: "It appears to the staff that most have not been walked on a lease, been groomed, or even experienced affection."

    It's unclear when the episode featuring the Vick dogs will run again, but here's a video clip from earlier in the year about the show.

    Friday, October 17, 2008

    When Kiper and McShay talk, we listen

    ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay preview the weekend's top college football games.

    Injured Tony Romo's risk vs. reward

    Dr. Michael Kaplan shares his views on quarterback Tony Romo playing each Sunday.

    Stiles Points takes in depth look at two college battles

    Stiles Points calls it "Brother vs. Brother - Jim Tressel vs. Mark Dantonio." It's the Ohio State-Michigan State game. Dantonio has worked for Tressel at Ohio State and Youngstown State. Not only does Stiles Points offer up information from the media, but he supplies with the predictions of the betting sheets (The Gold Sheet, Point Wise and Power Sweet). Yep, The Gold Sheet is still around, folks.

    The other matchup Stiles Points focuses on is what he calls "Colt McCoy-Chase Daniel: Battle of friends." This game pits No. 12 Missouri against No. 1 Texas on Saturday.

    Syracuse running back Ernie Davis on film

    The new film about Ernie Davis is now out, but here is a video clip (less than two minutes) of Davis in action. Body-wise, he looks sort of like Herschel Walker.

    Bobby Reid's "a man," but he's becoming "The Man" in SWAC

    Most of you saw Mike Gundy's explosion last season, when he gave a columnist for the Daily Oklahoman a tongue lashing. Gundy yelled (video below) at the columnist, Jenni Carlson, "Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40. I'm not a kid. Write something about me. Or our coaches. Don't write about a kid that does everything right -- that's heart's broken. And then say that the coaches said he was scared. That ain't true."

    The line "Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40. I'm not a kid," is so popular now, it's a punchline to your jokes. But do you remember the "kid" in this story? Most don't.

    Well, first off he is a man at age 22 -- only he's a man 19 years younger than Mike Gundy, who's now 41. But he's not only a man, he's becoming "The Man" in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Bobby Reid graduated from Oklahoma State last winter with a degree in education. The quarterback thought about declaring for the NFL draft, but with one year of eligibility left, he decided to transfer to Texas Southern.

    While Texas Southern is 3-4, having lost its last two games, Reid has passed for 1,639 yards and 11 touchdowns. He has five interceptions. Nice numbers, for sure. But what propels him higher in stature among quarterbacks is the eight touchdowns he has rushed for this season. That's the most rushing TDs in the SWAC. Reid has been named the SWAC's offensive player of the week twice this season.

    As a recruit, he was compared to Vince Young. Even now, he garners the accolades. The Advocate, a Louisiana newspaper, wrote, "Reid’s arrival at TSU may offer the closest the Southwestern Athletic Conference has seen to the days of Alcorn State’s Steve 'Air' McNair."

    Of the Gundy tirade, Reid earlier told, “I felt like it was all a front. That it was all a big show. It didn’t feel genuine.”

    While Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are highly ranked after upsetting Missouri last weekend, Reid will be back on the field this Saturday night against Jackson State. Of his time at Texas Southern, Reid told The Advocate last week, “It’s a great experience, I’m actually having a good time doing it. I haven’t been as happy as this since high school.”

    While Oklahoma State looks to improve its perfect record to seven wins this weekend, Texas Southern will seeking its fourth win of the season. The fourth win would equal the number of wins Texas Southern had over the previous four seasons combined.

    Oddly enough, the home game for Texas Southern on Saturday is being marketed as "Take a Kid to the Game Day." Reid is no longer "a kid," but with the stats he's posting he's now "The Man" in the SWAC.

    Jessica Simpson still not engaged to injured Tony Romo

    In this interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jessica Simpson said she and Tony Romo are not engaged. Whether she still wants six little Romo running around the house is unclear. Simpson said:
      "Tony and I have not gone to Neiman Marcus. Someone said we bought a ring there or something. I could not drag Tony into Neiman Marcus if I tried. No, definitely, we're not engaged. We are doing great. We're going awesome. I am spending a lot of time in Dallas and wearing my No. 9 jersey proud."

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Adam "Pacman" Jones heads for rehab with Deion Sanders' help

    Deion Sanders helps Dallas Cowboys defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones enter rehab, according the the Dallas Morning News.

    Stiles Points shares his views on sports blogging world

    Earlier this month, The Big Picture interviewed Stiles Points. It was a must read. In it, Stiles Points said he has a real job (one that pays the bills) that he works 40-50 hours a week. He said he blogs about one to two hours each day. "But some of us don't have the luxury like the full-time bloggers do," he said.

    What I found intriguing about the interview was Stiles Points' use of the term "blue-collar bloggers." I love the term, which he says describes bloggers who "work a full-time job and try to squeeze in blogging any time we can find a few minutes." In the interview he was critical of the "white-collar bloggers." Being a "blue-collar blogger" for only the past four months or so, I was intrigued about the art/science of sports blogging.

    This new feature is called "Third And Five." The "Third" is three questions for Stiles Points. The "And Five" part is five quick personal interest questions about the web. Here goes:

    1. You are quite candid about the "white collar bloggers." What do you want from them? What do they us owe us little-time bloggers, if anything? And who are the top five "white collar bloggers" bloggers? And say something nice about each one.

    Stiles Points: I just believe the "white collar bloggers" such as The Big Lead, Free Darko, Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber, etc. don't help out the "blue collar blogger" - the person who loves sports, loves to write, but has a 40 plus hour a week job therefore unable to put in the amount of time into their blog...there are a lot of quality sports blogs out there that these "white collar bloggers" can help promote -- but they don't...maybe someone like The Big Lead is scared that some of these unknown bloggers may knock him off his high horse?...

    Who made blogs like The Big Lead and Deadspin the official voice of sports blogging?...

    As far as saying something nice, it's not that I hate these "white collar bloggers"...I don't...but I believe there is a clear divide in blogging...this has to stop!...

    2. Give me a list of your best stuff you have posted. Top 5? Top 10? What made it great? And did they get any hits?

    Stiles Points: My blog carries more of a serious tone, unlike some blogs who are more's kinda sad that some of my most viewed posts have to do with Erin Andrews or something of a sexual overtone...don't get me wrong, I think Erin Andrews is great, but any schmuck can run a photo or comment about her...there are quality bloggers who are getting overlooked because they may not put an emphasis on T&A ...I have no problem with using some T&A every now and then, but when that becomes your top posts, you have to wonder who is actually reading blogs and is our credibility getting hurt?...

    3. I love your description of us part-time bloggers -- "blue-collar bloggers." This may be a difficult question, but if you had the ear of five or so "white-collar bloggers" for an hour, what would you say and ask? And who are the five or so you would invite to the table for a visit?

    Stiles Points: The top five I would invite to the table would be Deadspin, The Big Lead, Kissing Suzy Kolber, Free Darko, and maybe Busted Coverage...I would just ask them to work with us "blue collar bloggers"...heck, why doesn't one of these sites have a bi-weekly section called the Blue Collar Breakdown and recognized some of the good work that is out there...

    I would also ask them why they do not respond to email?...I know they probably get hit with emails, but come on, I have had national sports writers like Christine Brennan take the time to respond...maybe all this notoriety has gone to some of these bloggers head?...who knows?...

    I believe a blog like The Big Lead has fallen into a rut where all he does is spit out the same blog much time and research does he really do in looking for new fresh and informative blogs?...honestly, I don't think he does...

    1. Favorite NFL and college football web sites?
    Stiles Points: Not to be a kiss ass, but I really do like this site The Zone Blitz...I think you bust your tail in trying to provide information to readers...

    2. Favorite non-sports web site?
    Stiles Points: I like The Drudge Report...I am not a conservative, nor liberal, but I think Drudge does a nice job in providing major news items along with the off-beat stuff...

    3. Favorite sports web site?
    Stiles Points: I know people hate ESPN, but they really do a nice job in getting the information out...I use them as my main source, then do follow-up research from specific sites...

    4. Favorite blog?
    Stiles Points: I have to give the nod to The Big Picture, The Money Shot, and this site...
    5. You just sat down at the computer and you have time to spare, what are the first five sites you check out?
    Stiles Points: ESPN - just to see what is the latest in the sports world... The Big Picture - gotta check out what is happening with Zach...
    Then it varies from day-to-day...I just bounce around and try to find something interesting out there...

    Well, well, well: Tony Romo listens to Brett Favre

    In a phone conversation, Brett Favre told Tony Romo the following: "The only thing I said was it's worth trying (to play) if you can deal with the pain and can function good enough with a splint. If not, don't try." Seems like Romo has listened.

    Top 10 ways for NFL to increase its profits

    The NFL is considering adding not one but two games to its schedule. And you know what it's all about, right? Money.

    Let's just cut to the chase. Here are the top 10 ways the NFL can raise its profits.

    1. Buy printing press so NFL can just print its own money.
    2. Broadcasts are still free, but last two minutes of each game will be pay-per-view. Have fans insert more quarters if game goes into overtime.
    3. Forget about drafting over two days. Each round of the draft gets one evening in prime-time on ESPN and NFL Network. Would drag out coverage and would be a ratings winner.
    4. Layoff one player per team. Hey, if this tactic is good enough to be used against us folks in the real world, why shouldn't players face the same music.
    5. Have reality TV show where fans try to land coaching job. Another show where fans tryout for the St. Louis Rams. Another show where women tryout for cheerleader of Dallas Cowboys. Trump-like Apprentice show where fans battle for job in a team's front office. People love this reality crap.
    6. It's this simple: Raise prices on everything related to league.
    7. Why give ABC its best players? NFL needs to start it's own "Dancing with the Stars."
    8. Have players' wives and girlfriends host bake sales before each home game. All profits are split 50-50 with home and road team.
    9. Speaking of 50-50, how about 50-50 raffles at each game? If it's good enough for high school football games, it's good enough for the NFL.
    10. Charge fans for having a favorite team. Charge extra if favorite team is Dallas Cowboys.

    When Todd McShay talks, we always listen

    ESPN's Todd McShay breaks down this weekend's college football games. When McShay and/or Mel Kiper talk, we always listen.

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Sounds like Farve's telling Romo he should play

    New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre called Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Favre to Romo: "The only thing I said was it's worth trying (to play) if you can deal with the pain and can function good enough with a splint. If not, don't try."

    Don Strock: It's hook and lateral, not hook and ladder

    Earlier this month, NFL Films took a quick look at what they called "The Hook & Ladder." The famous play during the 1981 NFL playoffs between the Miami Dolphins and the San Diego Chargers. After watching the short clip, I stumbled on the Miami Dolphins commercial starring Don Strock, reminiscing about the play during a commercial selling Dolphins tickets. Not sure if this is from this season or not. Funny stuff, though.

    Geico Caveman visits the NFL Network, leaves in a huff

    The Geico Caveman sat in a NFL Network Total Access meeting with Steve Mariucci, Terrell Davis and Fran Charles. The Geico Caveman, looking rather svelte while sporting a light pink sweater vest, took offense to some of the terminology used by the Total Access crew while in their meeting. The Geico Caveman tells the crew they have to think outside the box. "People don't care about football," he scolds them.

    Dallas Cowboys always a ratings winner -- even against Cardinals

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell can suspend Adam "Pacman" Jones all he wants, but America loves watching the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys-Cardinals contest was the highest rated game of season. Sports Media Watch reports that the game drew a 14.7/30 final rating and 23.6 million viewers.

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008's NFL Power Ranking: Titans No. 1?'s NFL Power Ranking has the Tennessee Titans as the No. 1 team. Anyone who would have thought the Titans would be in this position at any point at any time this season, please step forward and claim your prize. Extra points go to anyone who even entertained the thought of Buffalo, Washington, Tampa Bay and Arizona being in the top 10 after week seven.

    1. Tennessee
    2. New York Giants
    3. Pittsburgh
    4. Buffalo
    5. Washington
    6. Dallas
    7. Tampa Bay
    8. Indianapolis
    9. Arizona
    10. Carolina

    If Bears tank, who will Obama root for in NFL?

    After disaster struck in the final seconds of the Chicago Bears' game with the Atlanta Falcons, the Bears, who are clinging to a .500 record, could be headed towards a lousy season. Losses in the next couple games could ruin the Bears' season. Who will Barack Obama be rooting for then? In this video he admits to being a Chicago White Sox fan, but since his team's season is over, he feels free to start rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Stock market has lousy week; CNBC has great week

    The stock market tanking last week was great news for CNBC. The business channel's rating were at its best last week as the market has its worst week ever.
      For Business Day programming (5am-7pm ET), CNBC averaged 570,000 Total Viewers the week of Oct. 6. That's up 5% from the previous high set the week before. CNBC also had its best week in 7 1/2 years in the A25-54 demo averaging 153,000 viewers.
    People may be watching, but are there going to be any companies left to advertise on CNBC?

    10 semi-decent reasons to bookmark this site

    Here are The Zone Blitz's top 10 entries during the past week (or so). Hope to do this every week (or so). This is also a P.R. move so you will realize that maybe you should bookmark this site as one of your favorites. Or if you have a blog, you should place this site on your blogroll. This blog is a work in progress. I like to think I get at least 10 worthy entries a week. As some of you regular readers know, this isn't normally a site for hard news when it comes to the NFL. At the top of this site I state that The Zone Blitz provides NFL info that is a bit left of center. This site is 75-percent NFL, 25-percent all else. Here goes, in no order:
    1. Does Steve Spurrier even know Ole Miss' Greg Hardy? Hardy is said to be a first rounder whenever he enters the NFL draft, and Spurrier doesn't seem like he knows the Ole Miss junior defensive lineman.
    2. Chris Cooley and the naked truth about his blog. Cooley talks about his blog and how the Redskins posted a certain photo of his blog on the team's projector.
    3. O.J. Simpson to guests: Acquittal party is off. Las Vegas Review Journal's Norm Clarke, the best gossiper in the business, said that the Juice was planning an "acquittal party." A Las Vegas jury of 12 threw a wrench into those plans.
    4. LeAnn Rimes: Jessica Simpson has assets to be big as Dolly Parton. No explanation needed. Just read it.
    5. John Wayne Bobbitt in for the fight of his life? Norm Clarke, the best gossiper in the business, of the Las Vegas Review Journal had this in his column.
    6. She's doing what with Steve Bartman to end the curse? Everyone had this one, but it was funny. It was a take off of the video by Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon.
    7. Holy Toledo: "Holy Toledo" used in record number of headlines. Toledo shocks Michigan and too many (but surely not all) headline writers used the words "Holy Toledo." A modern-day record?
    8. Barack Obama LOVES his pie. Pie, pie, pie, pie! It's wasn't a pro or anti Barack Obama posting. It was just a video of Obama saying the word pie 17 times within about one minute.
    9. More of Tony Mandarich's interview on Showtime. I just like the fact that Mandarich said he has a copy of the famous Sports Illustrated cover on display in his house. Only it's in the garage on a wall next to a trash container. There's video to prove it. And I will say this once: Mandarich seems like a normal guy, which is good.
    10. This is the last top 10 links I did.

    Michael Wilbon exchanges e-mail with blogger about MMA

    ESPN's Michael Wilbon exchanged e-mails with David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch blog concerning Wilbon's comments on the Kimbo Slice fight. Wilbon said he thought the fight might have been fixed. Here's a short snippet from one of his two e-mails to Scott:
      Believe me, I expected the criticism. But while I appear on TV 5 days a week I’m a columnist. Tough stances are what we do. I don’t need to be well versed in MMA to watch and listen and make an observation. And, I don’t care if 20 million people watch. Millions watch professional wrestling but that doesn’t mean we don’t question the outcome. The number of people watching makes it popular and well received, but doesn’t mean the event is above question. I’m not paid by MMA. I don’t care how many people watch. Why is my making the same observation about boxing, which I do know tons about and have covered and criticized, ignored in this discussion? And ANYBODY who watches “PTI” knows I have ripped (as well as praised) every single sport out there, from the NFL to MLS to NBA to the NHL to Arena Football, etc. I’ve ripped apart folks whose events get a whole lot more than 4.3 million people watching.
    I also like Awful Announcing's comments on the e-mail exchange. Awful Announcing wrote:
      First of all, it's really interesting that Wilbon is taking the time to talk to websites/blogs, like Scott's Shots, now. It shows a better understanding of the new medium on his part and it's better for everyone interested in a story like this. Second, he's overall point is right. I don't think it was fixed myself, but there's no way the Sport shouldn't be without scrutiny.
    It was interesting stuff all around.

    Big deal: With 2 weeks to prepare, Browns upset Giants

    It's one game, folks. People (aka fans, media critics) love to look at one game and draw conclusions for the whole season. Before we go any further, it was one game, people. One game. The Cleveland Browns upset the New York Giants. Eli Manning had an awful game. His stats were mediocre (18-28 passing for 198 yards, one TD pass), but it was the three interceptions that was the difference maker. That's what this all comes down to -- three INTs. If he throws zero INTs, the Giants probably win. Probably.

    People are saying the Browns (2-3) are back in the hunt for the AFC North. People are also saying Giants (4-1) have fallen back to the rest of the NFC East and are now in a competitive race for the division title.

    My point? It's only one game. Remember, before the game, people were saying the exact opposite about both teams. A few weeks from now, the storylines may be (and probably will be) back to where they were before this game.

    Jessica Simpson + Tony Romo = 6 kids?

    Access Hollywood reported that Jessica Simpson would love to have six kids. With rumors of a possible marriage to the injured Tony Romo, Simpson is quoted as saying: “I’d love six kids running around, but I guess I’ll have to start pretty soon.”

    Of Simpson's relationship with the Cowboys quarterback, she said:
      “Even if things don’t work out between Tony and me — though, knock on wood, I believe they will — I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said. That’s just how I love. I’m all in and I live one moment at a time. If I’m happy, I’ll talk about being happy. Maybe I do talk too much, but I still feel as if I’m holding back.
    Sounds like Romo has Simpson wrapped around that injured pinkie.

    Reggie Bush great when Kim K. present: TMZ, our source for sports

    I love it when TMZ supplies us with out sporting news. TMZ is reporting the New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush has posted some very nice numbers when his love interest (Kim Kardashian) is at the game. TMZ reports: "In the three New Orleans Saints games Kim has attended this year (including yesterday's game against the Raiders), her man tied an NFL punt return record, set his season high receiving mark and scored 5 of his 8 TDs."

    Stuff you may want to read: College football, Cowboys on TV, Sarah Palin, Pete Rose

    Stuff you may be interested in reading:
  • Stiles Points gives his take on college football -- from this past weekend and what's upcoming.
  • The New York Times' college football blog "The Quad" shares its view of the Heisman Trophy race.
  • Sports Media Watch reports that the Dallas Cowboys continue their TV rating run.
  • The folks up in Alaska are having a Sarah Palin look-a-like contest each week at Blues Central, writes the Anchorage Daily News. There is also a Todd Palin contest. The newspaper reports: "Grand prize is a guided moose hunting trip and a rifle, one for the Sarah, one for the Todd. And beaucoup beer for the both of them."
  • According to Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal, Pete Rose may, or may not, have made fun of a guy who has a speech impediment. Clarke, the best gossiper in the business, said it occurred at a sports collectibles store at Caesars Palace. It's the second item in Clarke's column.

  • More to come, I hope.
  • After 476 straight games, Favre-like John Madden rests

    After 476 straight games, announcer John Madden is taking a seat. Leonard Shapiro of the Washington Post writes:
      It wasn't exactly Madden's idea to take a deep breath and a day off this weekend, but when NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol first broached the possibility with him last spring, Madden said he'd have to think about it. Ten days ago, he spoke with Ebersol again and told him it might not be a bad idea.'s Pat Yasinskas on non-sexy NFC South

    We know the NFC South isn't as sexy as the NFC East, but here is's Pat Yasinskas talking about the division. Matt Mosley on the NFC East's Matt Mosley talks about the NFC East after Tony Romo's injury. He says the Cowboys could be 5-4 by the time Romo returns. He says what I have always said: "They need T.O. to be a major factor in this offense for it to work. The Golden Boy Jason Garrett, the $3 million man, right now isn't looking too good." The Cowboys need Terrell Owens involved in this offense, if they are to be a Super Bowl team.

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    More of Tony Mandarich's interview on Showtime

    Here's more of the Tony Mandarich with Armen Keteyian on Showtime. From the interview we learn:
  • Mandarich was set to fight Mike Tyson, but as Mandarich says in the interview, Tyson lost to Buster Douglas and the rest is history.
  • A copy of the famous Sports Illustrated cover is on display in the Mandarich house. Only it's in the garage on a wall next to a trash container.
  • No Packers jersey on display in his house. "Just because I didn't have a good time in Green Bay. That was my fault," he says. He admits the years in Green Bay were a bust.
  • Mandarich's drug problem.

  • Cowboys QB: Injured Tony Romo out; healthy Brad Johnson in

  • Tony Romo breaks pinkie finger. "The injury occurred on the first play of overtime when Romo was sacked by Chike Okeafor. On third-and-17, he attempted to hit T.O. on a sideline pattern, but the ball sailed out of bounds. Romo looked down at his finger as he left the field."
  •'s Matt Mosley gives us the book on Brad Johnson, Romo's replacement. "If Brad Johnson's name sounds familiar, it's because he once led Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title. He holds the NFL record with 11 seasons of completing 60 percent or more of his passes, but his most recent stretch of playing time wasn't that impressive," writes Mosley.
  • Scouts Inc.'s Tag Ribary supplies us with an in depth look at quarterback Brad Johnson. "Johnson is known for his smarts and accuracy. The 6-foot-5 Johnson can read the field quickly from the pocket and make efficient, accurate throws. Because he is older and less mobile than Romo, expect to see Dallas keep Johnson in the shotgun more than under center to give him the extra time needed to read the field in passing situations," writes Ribary.

  • Dumb, dumb, dumb, but at least no one got hurt

    Careful. Halloween brings the exploding pumpkin trick. This is a 20-second clip, and watch all the action start at the 15-second mark.

    Barack Obama LOVES his pie. Pie, pie, pie, pie!

    Barack Obama LOVES his pie. Pie, pie, pie, pie. The guy loves his pie. Seriously, Obama loves his pie. Honest, he loves pie. That's right, pie. Let's see if John McCain can say the word pie more the Obama.

    Eli Manning's Sunday Conversation with ESPN

    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning talks about winning the Super Bowl
    and more in this Sunday Conversation with ESPN.

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Holy Toledo: "Holy Toledo" used in record number of headlines

    The media went into overdrive as a great number of headlines used the words: "Holy Toledo" when referring to the Toledo win over Michigan. Experts believe it's a modern-day record for the use of the "Holy Toledo" headline.

  • San Jose Mercury News: Holy Toledo! Michigan loses another.
  • Idaho State Journal: Holy Toledo! Michigan loses
  • Daily Press & Argus: Holy Toledo! — Michigan suffers first-ever loss to MAC team
  • Los Angeles Times: Michigan football fans cry "Holy Toledo" again; UCLA fans start sweating
  • Peoria Journal-Star: Holy Toledo! Wolverines lose again, 13-10
  • California State University Collegian: HOLY TOLEDO!
  • CBS Sportsline: Holy Toledo: Rockets drop Michigan to worst six-game start since '67
  • NBC Sports: Holy Toledo! Michigan loses at home again
  • Holy Toledo! U-M loses first game to MAC team
  • MSNBC: Holy Toledo! Rockets beat Wolverines
  • WPBN/WTOM-TV of Northern Michigan: Holy Toledo, Wolverines Lose To MAC Team
  • Chicago Tribune: Holy Toledo: Rockets beat Michigan 13-10, becoming first MAC team to beat Wolverines
  • WNDU: Holy Toledo! Michigan shocked again at the Big House
  • Newsday: Holy Toledo: Rockets beat Michigan 13-10, becoming first MAC team to beat Wolverines
  • And many, many more.

    Earlier blog posts of interest: 1. Chris Cooley down on Antwaan Randle El in fantasy football; 2. John Wayne Bobbitt may need cutman; 3. O.J. finds God.

    As always, for more interesting news check out the home page of The Zone Blitz.
  • O.J. Simpson finds God in prison; couldn't locate God on outside

    Well, it seems there has been some good to come with the O.J. Simpson conviction in Las Vegas. He apparently has found, or at least is searching for, God while in jail. This comes from Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal:
      Also attending the worship service earlier this week was Simpson's co-defendant Clarence "C.J." Stewart, it was learned.
    It's truly amazing how many people find God while in prison. O.J. must have been a bit too busy with his life outside of prison to find God.

    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    Stuff you should read: USA Today ups its price, Broncos' history at 4-1, Redskins "Stay medium," Kentucky uniforms, and decorations by Sharpie

  • The Associated Press reports that The USA Today is jacking up its sticker price to $1.00 starting Dec. 8.
  • A Rocky Mountain News blog reports: "In five of the last six years, Denver has opened with at least a 4-1 record but soon after began a middle stretch that helped define its season for better, or usually, worse."
  • Mister Irrelevant writes about the Washington Redskins, under first-year coach Jim Zorn, wantonness to "stay medium." He is even has a T-shirt with "Stay medium" on it.
  • Kentucky Wildcats displayed their new uniforms at Keeneland. The Kentucky Herald-Leader reports that the uniform is the result of "two iconic brands" -- Kentucky basketball and Nike. But there's a third influence (they claim) -- Triple Crown winner Secretariat.
  • The Kentucky Herald-Leader reports that a lawyer decorated his basement with a $10 sharpie. And you know you basement was nice. The newspaper's web site has a 360-degree view of the place.
  • Cleveland Browns Bone Lady

    If you have been any where near a Cleveland Browns home game, you probably have seen the Bone Lady. She even has her own web site. In fact, don't be surprised if the TV camera flashes to her for a second or two Monday night when the New York Giants are in Cleveland to battle the Browns. On the streets, you may even see her car, "The Bone Mobile." Bone Lady is so into the Browns, you hear her say, "Three months, no men." Here's a two-minute profile of the Browns' sexiest super fan. Sorry, Big Dawg.

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    She's doing what with Steve Bartman to end the curse? writer Sarah Spain apparently is taking one for the team -- the Cubs -- in order to end the team's curse. She's doing it in the matter of Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon. Check back in a year to see if it works.

    Stuff I have already read that you may want to read

  • All My Children's Eileen Herlie (left), better known as Pine Valley's Myrtle Fargate, died on Wednesday due to complications from pneumonia, ABC announced. She was 90.
  • Notre Dame's Clausen coming of age. And then's Graham Watson picks Notre Dame to lose this weekend.
  •'s Chris Low offers us: 10 things to watch in the SEC, Week 7
  •'s Chris Low shares his list of top SEC position coaches. I think I see a Petrino (at Arkansas) on the list.
  •'s Chris Low is picking Florida over LSU.
  •'s Matt Mosley interview New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.
  • More to come, I hope.
  • Nick Saban depicted as Attila the Hun?

    Nick Saban depicted as Attila the Hun? The Alabama coach said, "I feel like in the last couple years, I have been sort of depicted as a person a little bit differently than I feel what I am." When asked how he has been depicted, Saban said, "Kind of like Attila the Hun after leaving Miami." But he says he will not change.

    Not sure about you, but Attila the Hun may be going a bit too far.

    Brady Quinn + taco = what? The meaning TBD

    Brady Quinn plus a taco equal what? I don't get this video, but after watching it, like, a third time, I sort of laughed. I even Googled the words "Brady Quinn taco" hoping for an answer to this riddle.

  • Also, check out LeAnn Rimes saying Jessica Simpson has assets to be big as Dolly Parton.
  • For more news, check out the home page of The Zone Blitz. How many times do I have to tell you this?

  • Stiles Points goes all out on college football this weekend

    Stiles Points takes in depth look at the No. 5 Texas vs. No. 1 Oklahoma football game this weekend. He shares his analysis as well as that of others.

    But Stiles Points doesn't stop there. He also focuses in on the LSU-Florida tilt.

    And if that wasn't enough, he shares Jim Brown's comments on the late Ernie Davis, who Brown describes as Barack Obama-like. The Hall of Fame running back said Davis was a person who could unite people.

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Stuff I read today that maybe you should read

  • Advertising Age reports that Google's CEO Eric Schmidt says Internet 'cesspool' needs brands.
  • The Big Picture interviews Busted Coverage. The Big Picture's take: "Busted Coverage is bringing you anything but the Xs and Os -- ranging from good college football finds to hot chicks that are far more entertaining than sports."
  • Stiles Points reports that Missouri QB Chase Daniel faces another high powered offense as Okie State comes to The Zou. Stiles Points gives readers an in depth breakdown of the game.
  • Hope there is more to come.
  • Cowboys play terrible team (Bengals); ratings still high

    Doesn't matter who the Dallas Cowboys play -- like the winless, hapless, terrible Cincinnati Bengals -- they garner the high TV ratings.
      14.0/27: NFL on CBS, Bengals/Cowboys (4:15 PM Sunday)
      10.2/16: Sunday Night Football on NBC, Steelers/Jaguars (8:30 PM Sunday)