Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Larry Fitzgerald runs into teammate on Super Bowl sideline

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald nearly brought down Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison in time at the end of the first half during Super Bowl XLIII. Running into a teammate may have slowed Fitzgerald, who, along with teammate Steve Breaston, tackled Harrison at the goal line.

Watch at the 17 second mark of this video of the return, you see Fitzgerald (No. 11) enter the frame at the bottom left. He continues running, apparently out of bounds. At the 19 second mark, Fitzgerald runs into a helmetless teammate (No. 21, who we assume is cornerback Antrel Rolle).

There are so many little things in this game that can tilt victory one way or another, but no one has mentioned Fitzgerald's remarkable chase and collision with a teammate on the sideline.

If Fitzgerald tackles Harrison short of the end zone, who knows what happens in this game.