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Seeking help from you, the reader

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As for Belichick and the ALLEGED tape

This Bill Belichick tape thing, and we are not talking about Spygate, is almost sadly out of control. If this thing isn't true, it's sad it has traveled this far. I like the Shutdown Corner's take on this. He calls it the worse rumor ever. He writes, "So I think it's extremely unlikely that such a tape exists, and if it does, it's even less likely that it would ever see the light of day."

Welcome to Lambeau Field from high in the sky

Last week I posted a link to NFL stadiums, and then I laughed at Lambeau Field's view from the sky because it was blurry (at right). I suspected that because it was in no-man's land (or at least not near a major city), that's what caused it to be blurry -- because Google Earth focuses where the people are. But Virtual Bird's Eye posted a great view.
  • Here's the still photos link of NFL stadiums from last week.
  • An interesting look at the Steelers' Heinz Field (Google Earth)

    Here is Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. The stadium opened in August of 2001.


    What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • Stiles Points writes: "Erin Andrews - what she was wearing that got the Chicago Cubs and Lou Piniella all bothered."
          MIF: Stiles Points has a hot photo of what Erin Andrews was wearing earlier in the week in Chicago. Maybe it is time for her to start dressing for the occasion.

  • Awful Announcing shares " 'Ex-Pats' Writer Decides To Burn Bridges And/Or Create Elaborate PR Stunt."
          MIF: "Tom Casale was, up until recently, apparently a writer for Patriots Football Weekly. Tom has "been let go" for one reason or another (so says he) and now he wants to drop some bombs and nuke the place on his way out. Pats fans then decide to believe the plan via the comments and other websites." There is way more interesting news in this story. Just hit the link and read it.

  • writes "The Craziest Thing We’ve Seen Today."
          MIF: "(Bob Golic, former NFL player and brother of Mike Golic) has lost a shocking amount of weight, like pretty much a small Asian person’s worth, and it seems to have had the Billy Bob Thorton effect on him where his skin doesn’t know what to do with itself. We’re not sure we would have had any idea that this is Bob Golic if we’d just seen a stand alone picture."

  • Also from, "People Who Suck In Your Office: Reply All Guy."
          MIF: "RAG replies all to every mass communication email. Sometimes it’s a lame one-liner. Sometimes it’s to ask a meaningless question. And sometimes it’s just to confirm he got the email." We all know this guy.

  • NE Patriots Draft shares: "2008 NFL Movie Posters."
          MIF: The most interesting fact are the posters and not any words.

  • From The Big Lead,"Hard Knocks: Poor Philly, Jax and Brady Quinn."
          MIF: "Apparently, Romo is staying in a different hotel than the team, and it’s because he didn’t want Jessica to be a 'distraction.' "

  • EDSBS rips ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha for his comment: "Joe Paterno is the Brett Favre of college football.”
          MIF: "Jeffri Chadiha on ESPN today wins the prize for asinine Brett Favre-centered rhetoric taken to a new, inaccurate, and fatheaded extreme."

  • Fanhouse writes, "Kellen Clemens Is Playing Right Into Brett Favre's Hands."
          MIF: "I don't think I'm allowed to use the phrase for what he (Kellen Clemens) would do to his bedsheets should he see a fresh defense in a real game right now but you see what I'm going for here."

  • It's early, folks. Hopefully, more to come.

    What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting, "Report: Packers offer Favre $20 million to stay home."
          MIF: "WTMJ-TV Channel 4 in Milwaukee, citing two sources, reported Wednesday that Packers president Mark Murphy at least floated the idea to Favre of paying him a package in the neighborhood of $20 million over 10 years to remain retired."

  • One of the best gossip columnists in the business, Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, had two items: "Judge Glass clears courtroom quickly."
          MIF: "It looked like a jailbreak at the Clark County Courthouse on Tuesday after an earthquake rattled the 15th floor courtroom of O.J. Simpson Judge Jackie Glass."
          MIF (Part II): In the second item from Clarke: "Sighted in Vegas: Kevin Everett, the Buffalo Bills tight end who was paralyzed in the season opener in September, playing blackjack at New York-New York and walking through the Las Vegas Hilton on Tuesday."
  • Top 40 hit: "You're My Brady (Quinn)"

    Brady Quinn will be a great quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. Great, like in the Super Bowl kinda' way. Maybe even this season. But this video is hilarious. As Jay-Z would say, turn the music up in the headphones. Enjoy.

  • Please feel free to jump to the Zone Blitz's main page for more NFL news, features and oddball stories.
  • Connecting the dots: Jets cut No. 4 (Smith) to hire No. 4 (Favre)?

    The New York Jets cut kick returner Joe Smith. His number? No. 4. Who signs him? The Green Bay Packers. Was this done by the Jets to make room for another No. 4? Like, Brett Favre? Was this the Jets' way of letting Favre know they are interested? Hmm. And, by the way, who the heck is Joe Smith? Maybe he will get cut by the Packers when Favre gets officially reinstated.

    Capital Hill's hottest? Kucinich wife gets our vote.

    Politics and religion. Two things you should never discuss. But this one time, we will make an exception. Just once. The Hill, a publication that covers Capital Hill in Washington D.C., released its list of "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill 2008." At the four spot, and our personal favorite, is Elizabeth Kucinich (above left), wife of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who's been on the Presidential campaign trail just about as long as he has been in Congress. But, boy, is his wife nice. The Hill quotes the 30-year-old British beauty as saying: "It's a nice thing. I'd rather have them discuss my beauty than that I'm ugly." The Hill ranks the first 10 and then lists the other 40. Kucinich ranks fourth. Our other favorite is Rana Abtar, a 29-year-old from Baalbek, Lebanon. Unlike Kucinich, Abtar (above right) failed to make the top 10. But this photo made her selection so easy. Of course, maybe it was the tight outfit, which maybe considered cheating. The Hill reports, "Abtar studied to become a translator - she's fluent in Arabic, English and French - but later became a writer and reporter for a local news station in Lebanon." She said she is often mistaken for being Latina on Capital Hill. Love to hear other folks' selections. Check it out and report back. In a note of interest, while Dennis Kucinich didn't make the list, his fellow neighboring Congresswoman, Betty Sutton, did make the list. (And for your information, men were also on this list.) The districts of Sutton (at right) and Kucinich butt up against each other. Sutton is 44.

  • And if this isn't enough, surely Carmella Decesare, Tampa Bay quarterback Jeff Garcia's No. 1 lady, will finish the deal.

  • Of course, Stiles Points is asking whether Brooke Shields is still hot. Judging by one of the photos that is posted, the answer is yes.
  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Some help needed from you, the reader

    Dear readers: Don't forget to bookmark this site for all your NFL news, notes and other off-beat stuff. If you are a blogger, feel free to make this site a permanent link. Thanks for stopping by the site. And thanks for doing any of the above.

    Here's a coach's view of the Brett Favre Saga

    Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel shares his thoughts on the Brett Favre Saga.

    Would actresses make good cheerleaders? Let's see

    . out-did himself coming out with a list of 12 actresses who would have made great cheerleaders. It's lists like these that keep the Internet humming. By the way, that's Shannon Elizabeth on left and Tony Romo's girlfriend -- aka Jessica Simpson -- on the right.

    The Daily Diva Digest: Brett Favre

    The 3-D topic today is Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre. This has all the making of a soap opera today.
  • The Green Bay Press Gazettte is reporting that Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy is flying to Mississippi to knock some sense (our words, not the newspaper's) into Favre. A source tells the newspaper: “They’re asking him not to come up there. They don’t want him up there.”
  • If the NFL acts on Favre's reinstatement request, the Packers will have to place him on the 80-man roster or lose him without any compensation. The person they cut will be a celebrity for about a day or two. He'll get some sort of mention on all the national shows. Peter King might even write about him.
  • This has be to the top news find of the day. Fanhouse reports the following: " lists a private jet as having left the Green Bay airport at 9:33 last night and arrived at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi airport at 11:34." Meaning this is Mark Murphy's plane. Tracking commercial flights, we heard about, but now you can track private jets? What next? Listening into Murphy and Favre's phone conversations?
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Murphy was headed for Mississippi to work out a "peace agreement" between the Packers and Favre. The newspaper reports that the team's Family Night Scrimmage is slated for Sunday. The last thing the Packers need is a ton of fans chanting Favre's name and cheering his every move. Favre, of course, would love this.
  • According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, as of 9:50 a.m.: "When approached after the workout, Favre told the Hattiesburg American, " 'I’m late for a 9 o’clock meeting and I’m not lying.' Favre had just finished running the stadium bleachers with his wife, Deanna."
  • Then, as of 11:45 a.m., according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, reporters are camped outside the office of Favre's agent, Bus Cook. Favre and Cook are meeting with Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy. Ahhh, "As the Favre Turns" will return soon with more updates.
  • WWBD?

    What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • Stiles Points keeps it simple: "Monkey Smells its Finger."
          MIF (Most Interesting Fact): "Enjoy this 15 second monkey clip."

  • The Big Picture writes: "Minor League hockey player jailed for creating proverbial turbulence."
          MIF: "A math formula for you on this Wednesday morning: booze + Ambien + bad judgment + flight attendants = one year of jail time and a $4,000 fine."

  • Gossip on Sports writes about New England continuing to beat up on Boston Herald writer John Tomase: "Pats Fans Still Trashing John Tomase in the Comments Section; Hilarity Ensues."
          MIF: "The perpetual anti-Tomase tirades via comments are nothing new, but ya know what? The way New England Patriots fans still trash this guy—the man behind the false videotaping-the-Rams claims—tickles us pinker than Pink herself."

  • From"NFL Teams’ Names: The roots of NFL picks on nicknames."
          MIF: "KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: The name was picked to honor Kansas City mayor Roe “The Chief” Bartle for his efforts in securing the team by enlarging the Kansas City’s Municipal Stadium and guaranteed three times as many season ticket sales as his club had in Dallas." The site lists how 10 NFL got their nicknames. Like who were call "The Normals?" Who could have been called the "Mafia?" Check out the site.

  • From The Shutdown Corner: "Video of Terrell Owens going buck wild on Pacman."
          MIF: "I haven't been alive as long as most NFL writers, and I don't have much of a memory, but could this be the most famous play in training camp history?"

    What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • The San Jose Mercury reports: "49ers get tips on how to meet the press."
          MIF: "(Former Bush press secretary Ari) Fleischer, 47, made a presentation at the annual NFL meetings in April that apparently left an impression with Nolan and media relations director Aaron Salkin. The two invited him to make a similar presentation at a 49ers team meeting. The NFL mandates that every team do media training, so the 49ers in past years invited former players such as Ronnie Lott, Steve Young and Rocky Bleier as well as broadcasters Curt Menefee and James Brown to address the team."

  • The Columbus Dispatch reports: "Browns can't keep Josh Cribbs off the field."
          MIF: "(Cleveland Browns returner Josh)Cribbs, undrafted out of Kent State in 2005, became a Pro Bowl kick returner last season when he returned three kicks for touchdowns. He became the first NFL player since Terry Metcalf in 1974 to average more than 30 yards per kickoff return and 10 yards on punt returns. He also led the Browns in special teams tackles with 23."

  • Peter King of Sports Illustrated writes: "How Shockey's relationship with Giants went sour."
          MIF: "(Jeremy Shockey)felt he was treated as a second-class citizen at the game, flying to the Super Bowl from Miami to Arizona on his own -- sitting in coach, in the center seat of a three-seat row -- and stayed at a different hotel from his teammates. 'They didn't even allow me to stay at the team hotel,' Shockey said. 'They paid for the hotel, but it was across town. Then I had to go there, on one leg, in a cab to pick up my Super Bowl tickets.' "

  • The Boston Globe reports: "They're playing by the (new) rules: NFL officials give players tutorial on changes for '08"
          MIF: On the new force-out rule, " 'It's very simple now," said sixth-year head linesman Phil McKinnely. 'You've got to catch the ball, have control of it, have both feet down - simple. You don't have to process a whole lot, think a whole lot.' "
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    Some help from you, the reader

    Dear readers: Don't forget to bookmark this site for all your NFL news, notes and other off-beat stuff. If you are a blogger, feel free to make this site a permanent link. Thanks for stopping by the site. And thanks for doing any of the above.

    Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy gets 15 months in prison?

    According to Newsday, "(Former NBA referee Tim) Donaghy, 41, pleaded guilty last year to taking cash payoffs and placing bets on games. The gambling scheme covered about 40 games in the 2006 and 2007 seasons and netted Donaghy up to $30,000 a year for game tips, prosecutors said." He was sentenced to 15 months in prison. That not much time for almost bringing down a league. According to the judge, Donaghy's sentence was also determined by his cooperation. Wonder if this is not the end of this story?


    What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.
  • Fanhouse writes: "Mike Greenberg Googles Himself and Mike Golic, Finds Out, 'People Cannot Stand Us.' "
          MIF (Most Interesting Fact): "But what really interests me about Greenberg's comment on the radio today is that it seems that if it weren't for that one-time occasion of Googling himself, Greenberg would not be the least bit aware that there are a whole lot of sports bloggers who rip ESPN on a daily basis. When you're sitting in a studio in Bristol, the sports blogosphere is easy to ignore."

  • Stiles Points writes: "Cleveland Browns banking heavy on Jamal Lewis; should sign Shaun Alexander"
          MIF: "Cleveland errored by not acquiring free agent running back Lamont Jordan who was recently released by Oakland. the New England Patriots wasted no time in scooping up Jordan to provide more depth at the running back position behind Laurence Maroney."

  • Deadspin writes: "The Beer At Gay Bars Must Be Especially Good."
          MIF: "Their school already has the gayest of all mascots — not that there's anything wrong with that — so why shouldn't two University of Virginia football players be arrested for stealing beer from a gay bar? Yep, it happened Saturday."

  • The Big Lead (who grew up a New York Jets fan) writes: "Will the Jets Please Make a Run at Favre?"
          MIF: "Offer the Packers next year’s No. 1 for Favre, and then grab a RB in the second round. Maybe we’re just being naive, but how can you put a value on a Hall of Fame lock teaching Clemens the ropes?"

  • ESPN's College Football Nation shares each conference's most hated team in today's posts.
         MIF: The Mid-American hates Toledo; Pac-10 loves to hate USC; SEC loves to hate Alabama; Conference USA hates Tulsa; Big 12 loves to hate the Longhorns; Sun Belt hates Middle Tennessee; Mountain West hates BYU; WAC hates Fresno State; ACC loves to hate Miami; Big Ten loves to hate the Buckeyes;
  • EA Sports ready for Favre's new team?

    EA Sports is ready for Brett Favre on another team other then the Green Bay Packers. Like Tampa Bay (as shown above). EA Sports posted results on how Favre would fair with new teams and how the teams would fair without him. The Sporting News was one of sites that posted the results. Interestingly, record-wise, the Packers are the only team better without Favre. Hmmmm. Maybe Ted Thompson knows something after all. The Bucs, with Jeff Garcia, do reach the NFC championship without Favre.
  • Minnesota Vikings
    With Favre: 10-6, Lose Wild Card Game vs. Bucs (11-6)
    3356 yards, 29 TDs, 100.7 QB rating
    Without Favre: 5-11, No Playoffs
    Tarvaris Jackson -- 2962 yards, 11 TDs, 66.8 QB rating

  • Tampa Bay Bucaneers
    With Favre: 12-4, Lose Div. Playoff Game vs. Eagles
    3827 yards, 34 TDs, 98 QB rating
    Without Favre: 11-5, Lose Div. Lose Conference Championship vs. Eagles
    Jeff Garcia -- 3508 yards, 19 TDs, 80 QB rating

  • New York Jets
    With Favre: 11-4-1, Lose Wild Card Game vs. Browns (22-19)
    3964 yards, 31 TDs, 103.1 QB rating
    Without Favre: 9-7, No Playoffs
    Chad Pennington -- 3542 yards, 22 TDs, 108.4 QB rating

  • Green Bay Packers
    With Favre: 9-7, Lose Div Playoff Game vs. Cowboys (25-17)
    3729 yards, 24 TDs, 100.7 QB rating
    Without Favre: 12-4, Lose Div. Playoff Game Vs. Vikings (37-31, OT)
    Aaron Rodgers -- 3211 yards, 26 TDs, 95.6 QB rating
  • Tour of the Big 12 stadiums -- via Google Earth

    Big 12 stadiums tour via Google Earth.

  • Here's a tour of the PAC-10 stadiums from Google Earth.
  • Here's a tour of the NFL stadiums via Google Earth.
  • Here are still photos of NFL stadiums from high above.

    What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here's what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports: "Rams new Rush strategy: Limbaugh as an owner?"
          MIF (Most Interesting Fact): "As the Business Journal points out, Limbaugh’s radio career has made him a wealthy man, though it’s unlikely that he could, on his own, take control of the Rams. More likely, he would acquire a minority stake, or be part of a larger conglomerate that purchases the team."

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook: "Roethlisberger will drive Steelers' success."
          MIF: "The Steelers are lucky to have an elite player at football's most crucial position, the best quarterback in the league not named Tom Brady. You might argue for Peyton Manning. The Steelers and I will take Ben Roethlisberger at this stage of their careers. That's why the Steelers gave him a $102 million contract in March, including a $25.2 million signing bonus. That's why I'm here to tell you this morning he is the one reason to like the Steelers' chances of holding off the Browns in the AFC North Division."

  • writes: "NFL commissioner Goodell visits Bills Training Camp."
          MIF: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on status of small market teams and conversation with (Senator Chuck Schumer): "The nature of the conversation was to find out how the Bills are doing and fortunately that's good news. The effort here to regionalize the team further into southern Ontario and into Toronto has been a very big success for the team and I think that's something we're all proud of , the fact that we can now make the team stronger here in western New York. That's good for the team and it's good for the fans."

  • The Lisbon Morning Journal is reporting: "Steeler’s likeness only victim in pipe bomb blast."
         MIF: "(Salem Police Detective Dave) Talbert noted the inside of the house is decorated with Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia and the spot the pipe struck before coming to a rest was in the groin area of a poster of wide receiver Hines Ward." Hmmmm.

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: "Lewis runs for titles, legacy and Jim Brown."
          MIF: "(Browns running back Jamal) Lewis, who signed a new three-year deal in the off-season, used his grueling workout regimen and a new diet to lose up to 15 pounds since last year. His weight now fluctuates between 235-238 -- down from his high of 250 last season. 'I haven't been this light since college,' he said. 'At this point in my career, it's not about running people over. It's about trying to get around them and run past them as much as you can.' "

  • The Columbus Dispatch reports: "(Andra)Davis not about dollars."
          MIF: "A cut in base salary of 44 percent? Get my agent on the phone and find a way out of Dodge. ... After what (Browns linebacker Andra) Davis described as the worst year of his six-year career, the Browns asked the inside linebacker to accept a base salary in 2008 of $1.675 million instead of the $3 million called for in his 2005 contract extension. In addition, the Browns told him 2008 would be the final year of his contract."

  • The Kansas City Star reports: "Larry Johnson eases into new role of savvy veteran."
          MIF: "(The Kansas City Chiefs) picked a running back this year in the third round of the NFL draft. Jamaal Charles is quick and young, seven years younger than the 28-year-old Johnson. The Chiefs think he, or 2007 fifth-round pick Kolby Smith, could carry the team if (Larry) Johnson can’t do the heavy lifting that his foot buckled under last year. So at the same time Johnson is trying to outwork and outplay the young rushers, he’s also trying to mentor them."

  • The Seattle Post Intelligencer is reporting: "(Julius) Jones used to running in shadows."
          MIF: "In five training camp practices, (new Seattle Seahawks running back Julius) Jones has hit the hole quicker and with more determination than (Shaun) Alexander did the past two seasons, when injuries and an offensive line in flux eroded his effectiveness. Jones also is proving to be a sure-handed option out of the backfield in the passing game, another area where Alexander's presence had become a problem."

  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting: "What does (Steven Jackson) want?"
          MIF: "But a little-known provision in the collective bargaining agreement could be a huge detriment to a prolonged holdout by (Steven) Jackson. According to the NFL Players Association, players under contract must report at least 30 days prior to the first regular-season game or else they lose an accrued season of seniority. The Rams open the regular season Sept. 7 in Philadelphia, so Jackson must report by Aug. 8 — a week from Friday — or else the 2008 season will not count toward his eligibility for free agency."

  • Philadelphia Daily News reports: "(Eagles defensive end Chris) Clemons taken to hospital."
          MIF: "Eagles officials forbade photographers and TV cameramen from shooting footage of Clemons being loaded into the ambulance, which was not running its siren when it departed at 11:27 a.m., preceded by a black unmarked police car. Clemons seemed to be conscious and sitting up on a stretcher, hooked to an IV, as he entered the ambulance, though reporters were kept about 40 feet away, across a road from the entrance to the fieldhouse."
  • Flaming shot disaster video: When the screaming starts, so do the laughs

    Flaming shot disaster videos are part of Americana, and this one is too funny, but only when one of the guys begins to scream. It was added to YouTube just three weeks ago and has barely 1,000 views. As the film critics say, it's laugh out-loud funny.

    Also, check out:
  • Ichiro the chimp, 42, escaped from his enclosure at a zoo in Japan. He almost gets his hands on a gun.
  • PAC-10 stadiums from high above. Very cool.
  • Or just jump to the Zone Blitz's main page for more NFL news, features and oddball stories.
  • NFL Network: 54 preseason games, 26 days

    According to the "NFL Network is home to the most NFL preseason action this August, devoting more than 400 hours to preseason games and scrimmages throughout the month. Get your depth charts and fantasy rosters ready ... a record 54 of the 65 preseason games played will air over 26 days beginning Thursday, August 7 on NFL Network. Forty two of those games will be aired in HD, up from 34 in 2007." Also interesting is that the network will broadcast three scrimmages, too. What next? Practices?

    Ad thanks guy for ... for what? uncovered this one. Nice.

    The Daily Diva Digest: Tony Romo

    The 3-D topic today is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. OK! Magazine reports the girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, was hanging out with Romo after the Cowboys practiced Saturday. The Cowboys' camp is in Oxnard, Calif. Simpson's father, Joe, resides in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The Simpson family, including Jessica's sister, Ashley, had dinner Saturday night and then "the source tells OK!, that after finishing practice on Saturday, Romo headed straight to Jessica's Beverly Hills mansion where the lovebirds hunkered down for the rest of the night and much of Sunday, before Jess caught a plane back to NYC that night." Joe Simpson was at Sunday's camp. He told the Dallas Morning News: "She's coming to the games this year, so you better get ready. She's a fan from the beginning to the end." That' right, he's talking about Jessica. So deal with it, Cowboys fans. And if that's not enough drama (including Pacman, T.O., Jerry Jones, etc.), the Cowboys are the team being featured this summer by HBO's Hard Knocks.

    Ichiro the chimp: Can't stop him; can only hope to contain him

    Ichiro the chimp, 42, escaped from his enclosure at a zoo in Japan. It's been reported that the chimp was named after Seattle Mariner star Ichiro Suzuki. Seeing the chimp is 42, it appears he must have been named later in life. Guns were drawn, but all it took was a banana to capture Ichiro the chimp.

    Beijing Olympics: All athletes please report to the sex determination lab

    Xinhuanet, a China news agency, is reporting that "Beijing has set up a sex determination lab to test female Olympic athletes suspected to be males." The story says that testing is normal, but athletes have failed the test. The story states, "At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, eight athletes failed the tests but were all cleared by subsequent examinations." The New York Times posted a similar, albeit short, story on its Olympics blog. The New York Times asked its readers: "What do you think? Is the possibility of male athletes posing as women in the Olympics great enough to warrant such testing? Or are these tests inappropriate?" As of early Tuesday morning, the Times had nearly 100 comments.

    Brett Favre is a wonderful person, but ...

    Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner hit the nail on the head yesterday in his column headlined: "Why I 'hate' Brett Favre." He doesn't really hate Favre. But Mr. Shutdown Corner is like most of us. He really does like old Brett, but he's just tired of the act. He writes, "Here's my beef. He's acting like a little girl who can't make up her mind, and is then puzzled by the fact that when she finally does make a decision, not everyone is bending over backwards to cater to her every whim." Amen. But Mr. Shutdown Corner does stop there, he writes, "You want an outright release, Brett? That's great. I want to take a bath with Sienna Miller. But I don't think either one is likely." And, in an effort to make the point crystal clear, at right is Miller. So ... what most of us in the blogging world just want to say is: We love you, Brett. (Just not as much as Peter King.)

    Peter King ready to trade-in Brett Favre for Jason Campbell

    After defending Brett Favre through his "Ten Things I Think I Know about the fate of Favre," Sports Illustrated's Peter King mentions he may have a new QB-crush. It's Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins. These are King's words, people: " I think I am smitten with Jason Campbell. The guy's going to be good. Maybe really good." He later talks about, and we quote, Campbell's "soft spiral downfield." Ahhhhh. Young love. After watching Campbell practice last week, King says: "This display was one of the best I've seen at a summer practice in a long, long time." But please remember, as one pretty decent high school quarterback once said (Allen Iverson), " We're talking about practice, man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the game. We're talking about practice." King probably doesn't like Iverson's mentality towards sports, but the NBA guard (and future Hall of Famer) sure makes more sense than King. Practice?!?!

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Stiles Points has a lot of Q&A with John Madden

    Time magazine runs 10 questions each week from readers for one celeb. This week it was NFL announcer John Madden. Stiles Points has the 10 questions plus way more from Madden. Like this: If there wasn't football, what would your life be like instead? Teacher was Madden's answer.

    Chris Cooley offers advice on getting autographs

    Washington Redskins tight end and fellow blogger Chris Cooley offers his advice to autograph seekers. The list is ten deep. Here is tip No. 9: "Advice and criticism = bad. I know everyone sees something they could fix or do better, but right when practice ends no players want a part in that. Even our coaches are going to wait until the evening film to place their judgement and trust me, we get enough. Great fans just support the players and coaches get paid to coach the players. It should be left at that, but in the event someone tells me how I should beat man coverage I will politely move on."

    Peter King, not Greta Van Susteren, is talking to Brett Favre

    Sports Illustrated's Peter King, Brett Favre's biggest fan in the media, shares his "Ten Things I Think I Know about the fate of Favre." After visiting the Favre household on Sunday, King says it's not going to be pretty. One important question? Why wasn't Greta Van Susteren invited to the Favre estate? Sometimes life stinks. By the way, it is unclear what, if anything, was served for lunch at the Favres, but King called the Favres place: "Nicest house and property I've ever seen in my years covering the NFL."

    Diva Digest: Brett Favre

  • A transcript of Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson's meeting with the press is linked here, but here is one answer to one question about the whole Brett Favre affair.
    Q: Why not have a competition?
    Thompson: "I thought it was important for me to be perfectly honest with Brett. We have started down this path, and it doesn't make sense for us to turn around and go back now. We have to continue down this path. Where that leads, I don't know. But I didn't want to be dishonest and disingenuous and say OK, we can do this and then change our mind. I think Brett Favre deserves more than that. So we told him the way we felt."
  • Jon Gruden dates his quarterbacks, never marries.

    Tampa Bay quarterback Jeff Garcia stated what everyone wouldn't say about his coach, Jon Gruden, in reference to Brett Favre's possible courtship with the Bucs: "Jon Gruden hasn't given you an answer yet? He loves quarterbacks. But he likes to just date. He doesn't like to marry." According to the St. Petersburg Times, Garcia said: "I was the starting quarterback and I am the starting quarterback." Gruden, aka Chucky, has yet to tell Garcia not to worry about the rumors. Nor has Bucs general manager Bruce Allen. According to reports, the Bucanneers and the New York Jets have received permission from the Green Bay Packers to talk with Favre.


    What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here's what they did.

  • Don Banks for Sports Illustrated writes, "Don't expect Favre to play for anyone this year."
    MIF (Most Interesting Fact): Banks quotes one NFL defensive coordinator as saying, "(Brett Favre)'s not a guy who's ever been very reflective. He just reacts to what's in front of him. That's exactly the way he played quarterback, and that's how he's handling this. He makes it all up as he goes."

  • According to the Associated Press, Terrell Owens gets best of Pacman Jones in Cowboys camp.
    MIF: "During that one-on-one drill Sunday, the highlight on the third day of the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp, Owens made a double move to break past the player who wants to be formerly known as “Pacman.” Tony Romo’s long pass hit Owens in stride for what would have been a touchdown."

  • The Shutdown Corner, over at Yahoo! rips the streaming video of NFL games, "The NFL, giving something away for free? It must be worthless."
    MIF: "The game's already available to anyone with a TV and an antenna. How many people out there have a computer and high-speed Internet, yet lack a TV and an antenna?"

  • According to the Associated Press, "Edgerrin James says birthday won't slow him."
    MIF: "The four-time Pro Bowler has 11,607 career rushing yards, 13th on the NFL's all-time list. He needs 1,133 to pass Tony Dorsett in seventh place. Last year, James blew by such former stars as O.J. Simpson, Corey Dillon and John Riggins."

  • The Detroit News reports, "Ford Jr. frustrated with team, but not with Marinelli."
    MIF: "(Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr.) also declined to speculate about what would happen if the Lions don't make the playoffs this season."

  • The Chicago Sun-Times reports, "Hester feels the love, heavier wallet."
    MIF: "Realistically, he can achieve $32 million to $33 million, a handsome payday and much more than the Bears' initial offer. Originally, the Bears tried to guarantee only $5 million for Hester. His goal the last month was to equal what his friend (defensive tackle Tommie) Harris received, and he did that."

  • CBS Sportsline asks, "Will (the Browns') new defensive girth be all it's worth?"
    MIF: "(Browns General Manager) Savage traded draft picks to get both of them (defensive linemen Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams) during the spring in an attempt to improve a run defense that gave up an eye-opening 4.5 per rush, which was tied for 30th in the league. The Browns also gave up 129.5 rush yards per game, which was 27th in the league. That's what they call getting gashed."

  • George Vecsey of the New York Times writes, "(Giants coach Tom Coughlin) Living and Learning, Changing and Winning
    MIF: "After the Giants fell apart late in 2006, and a lot of fans thought Coughlin had contributed to the slide, this proud coach listened to his children and his wife, Judy. Good grief, he even sought input from reporters who covered the team."

  • From the Washington Post, "Doughty Confronts Loss of Hearing"
    MIF: "One day while closely observing (Washington Redskins rookie safety Reed ) Doughty in a meeting, (Redskins safeties coach Steve) Jackson noticed Doughty was watching his mouth move as if he were lip-reading. Jackson figured Doughty must have had trouble hearing, and a hearing test revealed Doughty had moderate to severe hearing loss."

  • The Associated Press reports, "Goodell says he will not discipline Bills' Lynch."
    MIF: "He could have faced criminal charges but reached a plea deal with prosecutors. The woman suffered a bruised hip and a cut to her thigh that required seven stitches."
    Can't think of a better time to run this video of Lynch's driving skills.
  • Shaun Alexander to the Cleveland Browns?

    Check out Stiles Points today. He is suggesting that the Cleveland Browns should pick up running back Shaun Alexander to pair with Jamal Lewis. The Browns are being tabbed by many to be one of the top teams in the AFC. They need to start acting like one of the best in the AFC.

    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Brett Favre to Peter King: I will sit tight -- for now

    According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Brett Favre reportedly said from his home in Mississippi: "I had planned on reporting for the start of Packers training camp Sunday, but Ted Thompson asked if I would give him a couple of days to try to get the situation resolved. I agreed to do that. I don't want to be a distraction to the Packers, and I hope in the next few days we can come to an agreement that would allow me to continue playing football."

    NFL, NBC to broadcast games on the internet. About time.

    According to Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal, the NFL and NBC will broadcast 17 games live on the Internet. The first game will be the Thursday night game on Sept. 4 featuring the Washington Redskins and New York Giants. People talk about newspaper on their way out, how about TV. And as for the NFL, welcome to the 2000s. For all the money the league is rolling in, it's seems strange that it is so late to the Internet game. Major League Baseball has dabbled in streaming live games since 2002.

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Pennington vs. Clemens, but fans root for Brett Favre

    The New York Jets' training has just begun and you would think all the chatter from the fans would be about the starting quarterback. The battle between Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens. Well, the fans are buzzing about the QB spot, but they are talking about Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre. According to the New York Daily News, one fan was heard yelling: "Get Favre," after a Clemens interception. The writer of the story, Rich Cimini, responded with: "Advice to those fans: Quit dreaming." Sad part is, at least for Jets fans, is that Favre and the Jets may be the best fit. Unfortunately, with two sort of well-known QBs already in camp, it might be hard to bring Favre in.

    Joe Namath at 65 is still Broadway Joe! God bless him

    Fanhouse posted a clip of Joe Namath at his own celebrity golf outing. In the clip, he eyes a few young ladies at the 4:35 mark. How could he not, though. Unfortunately, you are stuck with New York athletes like Gary Carter and Darryl Strawberry at the start of the video clip.

    Still photos of NFL stadiums from high above

    That's a still photo of Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami -- now known as Dolphins Stadium. Here's a link to still photos of all the NFL stadiums from high above. Plus, here's a link to all the Major League Baseball parks, which are much prettier than the NFL sites from above. Build it, and they will come.

    NFL stadiums seen from above (Google Earth video)

    The PAC-10 stadiums' video (further below) is better quality, but this one for NFL stadiums is decent after you start watching. Plus, it has a soundtrack. The video bounces from stadium to stadium via Google Earth. Nice. Love the fact that Lambaeu Field is so far out in no-man's land, that it is out of focus. Funny.

    Pac-10 stadiums

    You either have to be crazy or an out of control PAC-10 football fan. But whatever you are, this is great viewing. It's Google Earth's view of the PAC-10 football stadiums. You are zoomed through space from one to the other. If you are a PAC-10 fan, it's worth watching.

  • Also, here is a link to video of NFL stadiums from high above. Here is also links for still photos of NFL stadiums from the sky, as well as still photos for Major League Baseball stadiums.
  • Troy Smith: The Heisman winner that almost wasn't, says new book

    After losing the Ohio State starting quarterback job to Justin Zwick in 2004. future Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith was pondering transferring. In fact, he was told to do so by his former foster father, according to an excerpt of a book called, "The Troy Smith Story: The uncensored biography of Ohio State’s Heisman-winning quarterback." The book, written by Dave Biddle, is slated for release August 15.

    After not seeing much action in the first three games, which the Buckeyes won, the third-year sophomore started to think about transferring out of Ohio State. According to the book, on the Tuesday after the team's third win, Smith "emerged from the locker room wearing designer sunglasses, a diamond stud earring and a Willie Stargell throwback jersey. And his attitude was even more brazen than his wardrobe." Of his ride on the bench, Smith told reporters, "He (Ohio State coach Jim Tressel) hasn’t explained it to me. That’s kind of the frustrating thing about it, but Coach Tressel is doing this for a reason."

    But Smith, a future quarterback with the Baltimore Ravens, did not stop there. He was quoted as saying: “I know that the coaches don’t really owe us an explanation. But at the same time, where this guy (pointing at himself) isn’t really doing all the wrong things, then I think that something needs to be said. It’s not like I’m going out and cussing and M-F’ing everybody and missing reads and calling the wrong plays and things like that. I think that sometimes when you’re in a situation like that, something needs to be said.”

    In short, Smith was ticked. And he was probably going to tick off OSU coaches when they read his comments in the newspaper. Smith's OSU career was headed no where. But then the Buckeyes lost two in a row. Then they faced Iowa. Zwick injured his shoulder.

    That was all Smith, who was just weeks earlier being asked to practice a bit at wide receiver, needed.

    And the rest, as Paul Harvey would say, is history. Of course, if he decides to transfer, Smith's history is changed. If Zwick, who was playing somewhat well, doesn't hurt his shoulder, Smith's history is changed. If you're an Ohio State fan, the book, at least based on this excerpt, appears loaded with information. Still not sold? Then at least check out the excerpt.

    Minor League Baseball brawl in Dayton, Ohio

    Stiles Points has all the news and the latest photos on the Minor League Baseball brawl in Dayton, Ohio. For those who just love baseball and can care less about the brawl, it's unclear who won the game.

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Caleb Campbell gets company -- Shin-Soo Choo

    Cleveland Indians outfielder Shin-Soo Choo reportedly will have to serve his country (South Korea) for two years in the military. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that he has to serve by 2010. "I try not to think about it," he told the newspaper. Caleb Campbell was recently told by the U.S. Army that he would have to serve after spending the past few months thinking he was going to get a tryout with the Detroit Lions. Of course, the Army waited until the day before the Lions' camp opened to tell Campbell.

    If LeBron leaves, do Cleveland Cavaliers leave for Seattle?

    Gmoneysack says: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, should LeBron James leave Cleveland, professional basketball in the state of Ohio is dead FOREVER." Gmoney may be on the money. The site says NBA commissioner David Stern (at right, and don't you just love the photo?) would love to get a team back to Seattle.

    Even bloggers from Los Angeles Times love posting cheerleaders video

    And here we thought it was just us small-time bloggers who posted cheerleaders photos and video. We are not alone. Two Los Angeles Times bloggers, Andrew and Brian Kamenetzky, have been posting video from the Los Angeles Laker Girl tryouts. Or how about this post with tons of photos.

    Associate professor of journalism rips Greta Van Susteren's interview with Favre

    Chris Ison rips Greta Van Susteren's interview with Brett Favre. The most interesting part of Ison's critique is the tag on the end of his story: "Chris Ison is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. A Wisconsin native and Packer fan, he won a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting in 1990 while a reporter at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis." The Pulitzer is impressive. Being a Packers fan, not so. In his story, he mentions: "I suppose we could have expected kid gloves. After all, the Favres obviously chose the interviewer carefully. Van Susteren is from Appleton, Wis., owns Packer stock and had interviewed Deanna Favre about her battle with breast cancer." So her stock ownership is relevant, but him being a fan of the team isn't? Her being from Wisconsin is relevant, but him being from Wisconsin isn't? Hmmmm. Just saying.

    The Favre team-issued phone story phoney?

    The Green Bay Press Gazette reports: "Contrary to several well publicized media reports, two sources — one in the NFL, another close to (Brett) Favre — said Favre does not have a cell phone issued by the Packers." This is interesting news. The only question that remains is why it took so long for the "Friends of Favre" to acknowledge this? You would think the Packers would be denying they gave him a cell phone -- seeing it could violate the league's salary cap rules. You would think Favre would quickly deny that this wasn't true. And why wouldn't Brad Childress quickly deny talking to Favre? kicks off Football Blog Network

    Here's the lead of ESPN's press release announcing Football Blog Network, which started July 23: " has launched the ESPN Football Blog Network, a new content initiative consisting of 15 blogs that offer more in-depth daily coverage of pro and college football. The network includes individual blogs dedicated to all eight National Football League divisions and all six BCS Conferences, as well as a blog focused on independent and non-BCS college programs. Collectively, the best content from each divisional and conference blog will be aggregated daily into national blogs for both pro and college football." ESPN hired people who know what they are doing -- newspaper reporters. Gott a love how newspapers are dying and TV and the Internet are stealing its reporters because they are the real sports reporters. No offense to any TV folks reading this. Ha.

    For the NFL coverage, they hired:
    NFC East – Matt Mosley – formerly of Dallas Morning News (previously authored Hashmarks blog on;
    NFC West – Mike Sando – formerly of Tacoma News Tribune;
    NFC North – Kevin Seifert – formerly of Minneapolis Star-Tribune;
    NFC South – Pat Yasinkas – formerly of Charlotte Observer;
    AFC West – Bill Williamson – formerly of Denver Post;
    AFC North – James Walker – formerly of Columbus Dispatch;
    AFC South – Paul Kuharsky – formerly of The Tennessean;
    AFC East – Tim Graham – formerly of Palm Beach Post.
    Here's the link for the NFL coverage.

    For BCS coverage, they hired:
    ACC – Heather Dinich – formerly of Baltimore Sun;
    PAC 10 – Ted Miller – formerly of Seattle Post-Intelligencer;
    Big 12 – Tim Griffin – formerly of San Antonio Express-News;
    Big Ten – Adam Rittenberg – formerly of Chicago Daily Herald;
    SEC – Chris Low – formerly of The Tennessean and;
    Big East – TBD;
    Independents/additional conferences - Graham Watson – formerly of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
    And here's the link for the college coverage.

    If anyone out there has knowledge of the Big East, maybe you can still apply. Only criticism, so far, is that it lacks personality. Liked it better when Matt Mosley was the lone one doing the NFL, because I sort of thought he was just talking to me. By the way, ESPN did not pay for this ad.

    $32,751 and 77 bids later, Steelers' Super Bowl ring has wrong score

    It was the Pittsburgh Steelers' first Super Bowl ring. They had beaten the Minnesota Vikings -- aka the Purple People Eaters -- 16-6. The Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain held the Vikings to zero touchdowns and just two field goals. Franco Harris, the game's MVP, rushed for 156 yards. That was Super Bowl IV in 1975 in New Orleans. Now more than 30 years later, someone noticed a mistake on the Steelers' Super Bowl ring. The ring lists each of the Steelers' playoff wins -- Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings. The only problem is that the Bills score is wrong. The Steelers won the game 32-14. The ring tells a different story -- Steelers win 32-6. Hmmm.
    One of the Super Bowl IV rings just sold on eBay for $32,751 after 77 bids. Wonder if this mistake makes the Super Bowl IV rings any more valuable? Or less?

    Army says Caleb Campbell no longer a Lion

    It almost seems unfair. No matter where you stand on the issue of Caleb Campbell trying out for the Detroit Lions, you have to wonder what took the Army so long to decide his fate. At first, Campbell was allowed to try out for the Lions. The Army ruled that if he made the team, he would be allowed to forgo the military service that is required of all West Point graduates. Then on July 8, the Army changed the rule, according to, "regarding soldiers playing professional sports, requiring cadets to complete two years of active duty before applying for a release." Unfortunately, the Army didn't tell Campbell, or the Lions, until two weeks later -- just one day before the opening of camp. According to the story, "The Lions will retain his rights until the 2009 draft, but he will not be eligible to play until 2010." Detroit Free Press writer Nicholas J. Cotsonika hit the mail on the head when he wrote: "How could they let Campbell go to the NFL scouting combine, go to the draft in uniform at Radio City Music Hall, do interviews on NFL Network and ESPN, get drafted by the Lions, listen to “USA!” chants, go to rookie camp, go to minicamp, negotiate a contract – and then, the day he is supposed to report to training camp, tell him, no, he must report for traditional military duty?" Rules are rules, but too bad the rule got changed after all the hoopla.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Rams' Steven Jackson in Vegas before hitting camp

    According the best gossiper in the business, Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that spotted in Vegas was: "Las Vegan Steven Jackson, the NFL All-Pro running back for the St. Louis Rams, celebrating his 25th birthday Tuesday at the Vinter Grill." Rams training camp opens Friday.

    Stands collapse at bullfight in Columbia

    No one was killed but 80 were taken to the hospital in Columbia as a stadium collapsed at a bull fight.

    It appears Jessica Simpson loves Tony Romo

    According to the latest issue of the Star, Jessica Simpson has packed on 30 pounds. A source, and you can never tell who a source is with the Star, says: "Her weight is a dead giveaway of her mood. When she’s rounder, she’s happy. When she’s slimmer, she’s not. Whenever Jess falls in love, she’s so content she loosens up on the hard-core dieting and takes her trainer off speed dial." Anyway, that's Simpson on the cover of the Star in the top right corner. It probably is hard on the diet when she appears to be always following him to golf matches.

    Racy CFL cheerleader photos cause stir for Winnipeg

    Racy photos of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers cheerleaders hit the internet recently, and it has caused a stir for the team. In fact, according to The Canadian Press, "After the photos were published in local newspapers last week, Blue Lightning dance team coach Dena Clark resigned. Clark joined the volunteer dance group as a cheerleader in 1998, and became its coach in 2003." According to the National Post, though, the women in the photos were not part of this year's Blue Lightning cheerleading squad. According to the National Post: "The pictures surfaced at a time when the team is winless after three games and mired in a public debate over whether tax money should be invested in a new stadium." Bomber spokesman Arash Madani released the following statement: “Many of the photos are dated from no later than 2005, and involve individuals who no longer have a connection with the franchise or have never been affiliated with Blue Lightning at all."

    Brian Piccolo was the most famous bubble player

    At every NFL training camp, each team has its list of bubble players. One of the most famous bubble players was Brian Piccolo. Each season, Piccolo would enter camp on the bubble. Piccolo played for the Chicago Bears from 1965-69. His best was 40 years ago this season, when he took over for the injured Gale Sayers in the final five games of the season. Piccolo rushed for 450 yards and gained another 281 yards in receiving over the last five games. He finished the season with 741 yards rushing.
    As we all know, Piccolo died of cancer June 16, 1970. He became more famous in death than he was in life because of the movie "Brian's Song."
    When training camp rolls around each year, for those old enough to remember the movie, it's hard not to recall scenes from the movie when Sayers and Piccolo became friends. So here is Sayers' speech (by Billy Dee Williams). It's a two-minute clip with a hanky needed for the final 40 seconds.

    Brett Favre rumors cross all over NFL to CFL

  • A poll by the Green Bay Gazette shows a split by the Green Bay Packers shareholders, who are seen as symbolic shareholders without power. The shareholders meeting is slated for Lambeau Field Thursday.

  • The New York Daily News' Gary Myers writes that the New York Jets are a perfect fit for Brett Favre. He writes: "According to a source familiar with their thinking, the Jets are turned off by his age (39 on Oct.10), salary ($12million), the required draft-choice compensation (probably a second-round pick) and his commitment. The source confirmed yesterday that the Jets are still not thinking about Favre." But despite all this, he writes that Favre still "gives the Jets a better chance to win than (Chad) Pennington or (Kellen) Clemens."

  • Cell phone records might show the Vikings and Favre did talk, but now there is another direction this Favre soap opera can go. The cell phone was team-issued, which means if it wasn't as one of the perks on Favre's contract, it could be a salary-cap violation if Favre used it while a player for the Packers. This is getting crazier and crazier.

  • Despite entering camp with five quarterbacks, including start Jeff Garcia, there is chatter that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thinking about Brett Favre. According the Chris Simms, who has asked for a trade, Bucs General Manager Bruce Allen asked Simms what he thought of Favre coming to Tampa Bay. Simms said: "He asked if I felt Brett would be able to come back and be good here if he didn't have a lot of reps in training camp. I said I thought he would but there would have to be some compromise with coach (Jon) Gruden. He'll just want the play called and to drop back and throw it in there."

  • Favre in the CFL as quarterback and owner? From York reporter Marty York: "Brett Favre, the message on my voice mail insisted, is mulling over an offer from the Toronto Argonauts that would make him not only the quarterback of the CFL team but also its part-owner." York doesn't know who left the message, but he says of the person on the voicemail: "He didn’t identify himself. He said he’d lose his job if he were exposed." This is news -- guys leaves message for reporter. Hmmm. York writes: "Genuine blockbuster stories have been leaked to me this way in the past and it would’ve been irresponsible for me not to at least check. And if Favre happens to join the Argos, I’ll still brag that I let you know about it first." The Argonauts denied the story.
  • Camp opens for five more teams

    Another five NFL camps open for rookies and another seven open for the veterans.
    Arizona Cardinals: Flagstaff, Ariz. (rookies and veterans)
    Chicago Bears: Bourbonnais, Ill. (rookies and veterans)
    Detroit Lions: Allen Park, Mich. (rookies and veterans)
    New Orleans Saints: Jackson, Miss./Metairie, La. (rookies and veterans)
    Baltimore Ravens: Westminster, Md. (veterans)
    Cleveland Browns: Berea, Ohio (rookies and veterans)
    New England Patriots: Foxboro, Mass. (veterans)
    New York Jets: Hempstead, N.Y. (veterans)

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Report: Favre used Packers phone to call Vikings. Oops.

    Reports say that Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre used the Packers' cell phone that was issued to him to call Vikings head coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. As if this storyline for this soap opera couldn't get any juicier. The story states: "Bevell served as Favre’s quarterbacks coach in Green Bay from 2003-05 and the two have remained close. That relationship made it difficult to believe the Packers could prove much by simply pointing to conversations between Bevell and Favre. However, if Favre’s phone records also point to conversations with Childress that could be a different story." More updates expected as today's episode of "As the Favre Turns" comes to a close. blogger still hates Tony Romo

    Blogger Chris Baldwin of, sheds a few tears for Greg Norman having to pay $103 million in a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, while Christy Brinkley only had to pay $2.1 million. Baldwin, right, writes: "Look at that and you have to realize that it’s still much better to be a woman than a man in a divorce case these days no matter how much money your spouse makes." Okay. We're not even going to touch that comment. Then he had to mention Tony Romo. He just had to to. Baldwin writes: "On the bright side, this should all make Jessica Simpson feel good about the idea of marrying Dallas Cowboys choking dunce, golf poser quarterback Tony Romo though. Since Simpson has more money than Romo now, will always have more money than Romo - and more importantly has already done much more with her career than Romo will ever do with his."
    This all comes after in one column he called Romo an "attention whore" and later in another column he ripped Dallas Morning News reporters (aka "homers") for defending Romo. And, oh, then in another column he praises Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers while ending his praise with a slap at Romo.
    I think that covers it all.

    Other NFL news (7-22-08)

  • Two Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl rings fetched $66,000 on eBay, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The newspaper reported: "The ring for Super Bowl IX against the Minnesota Vikings -- the Steelers' first Super Bowl -- sold for $32,751 after receiving 77 bids. The ring for Super Bowl X against the Dallas Cowboys sold for $34,100 after 55 bids."
  • Troy Smith to start season as the Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback? It could happen, according to
  • ESPN releases their NFL power rankings. No. 5 are the Jags? released it NFL power rankings. Sitting at the top is the New England Patriots. Top five are: 1. Patriots; 2. Colts; 3. Chargers; 4. Cowboys; 5. Jaguars. That's right, the Jaguars at No. 5. In fact, one voter (Kevin Seifert) had the Jaguars at the No. 2 spot. What is also interesting is that they released how each voter voted. All picked the Patriots as the No. 1 except Pat Yasinskas (who picks the Indianapolis Colts) and Bil Williamson (who picked the New York Giants). The voters are: ESPN reporters John Clayton, James Walker, Paul Kuharsky, Bill Williamson, Matt Mosley, Kevin Seifert, Pat Yasinskas and Mike Sando, along with Scouts Inc. Insiders Jeremy Green and Matt Williamson.

    Peter King's daughter gets job with Seattle Seahawks

    According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King: " I think in the interest of full disclosure, I want to report that my daughter, Mary Beth King, has taken a PR internship with the Seattle Seahawks for the season. It's going to sound hollow to say I had nothing to do with it, but I didn't. She applied without telling me. New family rule: Mary Beth does not share conversations with Matt Hasselbeck or Mike Holmgren with her father."

    Where in the world is John Tomase of the Boston Herald

    According to, it appears John Tomase of the Boston Herald may have been taken off the New England Patriots beat. Tomase was the reporter who reported that the Patriots videotaped the St. Louis Rams walk through during Super Bowl XXXVI. The Herald later retracted the story. According to "Tomase has been covering the Red Sox of late." It appears the Herald is seeking a replacement for Tomase because there is an job advertisement seeking a reporter to cover the Patriots on Tomase was last seen on TV June 30 on Late Edition of Mohegan Sun’s Sports Tonight, talking about the retraction.

    Wade Phillips, not Tony Romo, is making news in Dallas

    In the Star-Telegram, Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said: "Get the ring finger ready." He even jokes about how last year's camp was called Camp Cupcake. Phillip told the newspaper: "It’s (Camp) Marshmallow this year. We’ll have a strong training camp, but we’ll curb back on pads at some time. … Will it be any different? I don’t know. I think the players are really looking forward to this year, as am I.

    Jerome Holtzman dies at 81

    Jerome Holtzman, who was known as "the Dean" and he wrote the book "No Cheering in the Press Box," died Saturday at age 81. The Chicago Tribune wrote: "Holtzman was a baseball beat writer and columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times for three decades, starting in 1957, the year before the Dodgers' and Giants' migration from New York to California turned baseball into a truly national sport. He moved to the Tribune as baseball columnist in 1981 and was inducted into the writers' wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1989, perhaps the most notable of the countless honors he achieved over his remarkable career."
  • The New York Times wrote: "In 1959, Mr. Holtzman, then covering the Chicago Cubs, invented the statistic known as the save, which helps measure the effectiveness of relief pitchers. Mr. Holtzman’s notion was that if a pitcher entered a game with a lead and had to face the potential tying run, and he then held the lead and finished the game, he should be credited with a save. Mr. Holtzman introduced the save in The Sporting News; in 1969, it became the first new official statistic acknowledged by Major League Baseball since the run batted in, in 1920."
  • MSNBC's Bill Dedman shares a nice story about Holtzman's battle with an editor and the pressbox chanting, "Run the (expletive) column! Run the (expletive) column! Run the (expletive) column!"
  • His Tribune colleagues share their memories, including this one from Mike Downey: When we were Sun-Times teammates, Holtzman was astounded to hear a boss half his age complain: "Your writing is filled with cliches." "But they're my cliches," Jerry argued. "I invented them.".
  • From "Every fourth of July the phone would ring in Chuck Tanner's New Castle, Pa., home, a call from Jerome Holtzman wishing the former manager a happy birthday. The call didn't come this year. Tanner learned why on Monday. Like many of us, he was informed Holtzman, "The Dean" of baseball writers who'd been in failing health, died on Saturday in Evanston, Ill."
  • Shockey hopes to be a giant of a Saint

    New York Times columnist William Rhoden says tight end Jeremy Shockey needs to prove himself. The New York Giants proved themselves in the playoffs last season without Shockey. Nor Shockey needs to prove himself. According to the Times' story, Shockey's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said: “He’s been one of the most successful tight ends in N.F.L. history, but now I think he’s going to be more prolific in the Saints’ offense. I don’t think Jeremy could ask for a better situation.” Rosenhaus is probably right, which means Shockey has no excuses this time.
  • The New York Giants get two 2009 draft picks for tight end Jeremy Shockey, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune.
  • The New York Times reports that the Shockey trade now triggers a problem for the New York Giants -- finding a replacement for Shockey, 28. The Times reports: "Shockey leaves the Giants after 371 catches, for 4,228 yards and 27 touchdowns in 83 regular-season games. The five tight ends left on the Giants’ roster have combined for 15 N.F.L. regular-season receptions. Three of them have caught no passes."
  • A look at Jeremy Shockey's career via a timeline. It all started April 20, 2002, when General Manager "Ernie Accorsi swaps first-round picks with the Titans and throws in a fourth-round pick to move up one spot and take Jeremy Shockey 14th overall."
  • Clark Judge of said Jeremy Shockey had to go. Judge said: "He was a distraction. Worse, he was a disruption, and while I can abide by distractions I can't tolerate disruptions. Apparently, the New York Giants can't either."
  • Carson Palmer doesn't hate Ohio State that that much. Honest

    Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, and an alum of Southern Cal, Carson Palmer changes his tune just a bit about Ohio State football. Palmer said he was speaking as a USC fan. He told the Columbus Dispatch: "I really do respect the Buckeyes, and I know their fans are passionate, too. I hope they all understand I'm just looking forward to a big game for my school against a very tough opponent, and that it's all in the good fun of a rivalry. You don't have a real rivalry unless both sides are great teams."
  • Here is the previous link to the audio portion of Carson's rant. You decide how serious he was.
  • And if this isn't enough for you, check out USC coach Pete Carroll shirtless during some sort of chant session.
  • The Rule of 59? NFL teams need to learn this rule does a nice job teaching us about the "Rule of 59." The rule is that you shouldn't draft a quarterback that hasn't completed more than 59 percent of their passes in college. The rule is confined to just the first three rounds of the draft, but it appears to make sense when presented by the The article states: "The reasons for this are complicated and diverse, but as these players move from college to the pro ranks, the margin allowed for error shrinks dramatically. Their rocket arms no longer can save them from bad reads and other risky throws. As every NFL expert has said, the speed of the game and the defenders changes dramatically." The less than 59 percent QBs include Michael Vick, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith and J.P. Losman, among others.

    Was Bill Parcells' retirement Tony Romo's fault?

    According to an advance copy of the transcript of Tuesday's Real Sports on HBO, Bill Parcells appears to be saying his retirement from coaching was because of Tony Romo's botched hold of a Dallas Cowboys field goal against the Seattle Seahawks two seasons ago, says the Sun-Sentinel. In his interview with Andrea Kramer, Parcells says: "All you got to do is kick a field goal, the most elementary of plays, and then you just don’t do it. And so I don’t want to go through that process again. Too much blood.”

    Monday, July 21, 2008

    Terrell Owens helps reporter hit by car

    Sam Alipour, a Los Angeles based writer, was hit by a car at 2 a.m. after covering the Espys. After smashing into the windshield of the car that hit him, who comes to his aid? Terrell Owens. That's right, every one's favorite villain, T.O. Owens kept asking Alipour if he was all right. Alipour writes, "I'm fine, nothing to worry about, but Owens is so concerned, so kind, and I'm so touched by this -- we hardly know each other -- that I think my lip is quivering. There's a good chance I could break down like T.O. at that news conference." Alipour ends his coverage of the Espys with: "Thanks, Terrell."

    Carson Palmer HATES Ohio State Buckeyes; can't wait for USC game

    He quarterbacks the in-state Cincinnati Bengals, but Carson Palmer hates Ohio State football. HATES it. H-A-T-E-S. Remember, he is from Southern Cal. Here's his take on the Ohio State football program: "It's amazing to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and (Ohio State coach Jim) Tressel and all the crap I gotta put up with being back there. I just can't wait for two years from now when SC comes to the 'Shoe and I get to hopefully, hopefully we'll have a home game that weekend and I can go up there and watch us pound on them in their own turf and kind of put all the talk to rest." has the replay of his rant.

    What in the name of Tony Romo: Simpson booed

    Jessica Simpson, everyone's favorite girlfriend, was booed at her first country concert. Tony Romo was not there to defend his lady. He was back home in Wisconsin for a golfing event.
  • While Jessica Simpson was getting booed, Tony Romo was sinking his putts. He finished fourth at the Racine Tri-Course Amateur Championship in Wisconsin.
  • Jason Taylor traded; Dancing with stars reference hits all-time high

  • Mike Florio of the Sporting News breaks down the Jason Taylor trade 10 different ways.
  • Peter King likes Taylor's deal to the Redskins. Then he mentions his man-friend Brett Favre later in this column.
  • The Jason Taylor timeline.
  • The deal to the Redskins ends with the Jason Taylor saga. (Now all we need is an end to the Brett Favre saga.)
  • Jason Cole of Yahoo! calls the move logical. “This move really revitalizes Jason for the end of his career,” Gary Wichard, Taylor’s agent, said Sunday.
  • The Washington Post's Mike Wise writes about the Redskins' dance with yet another star. Daniel Snyder loves his stars.
  • CBS sports' Clark Judge: "Trade good for Taylor ... could be better for 'Skins"
  • Non-NFL news of the day: Justin Timberlake shares too much info

  • From the department of "Is-this-made-up?": Justin Timberlake peed himself "a little" after meeting Michael Jordan.
  • Chris Evert admits affair with Shark. Of their attraction for each other, Evert described it as "irresistible force" between her and Greg Norman. Both are 53 years old.

  • Danica Patrick told to "go away" by Milka Duno at the Mid-Ohio race this weekend. Duno said she didn't like Patrick's "bad words" and the drama she brings to the race track.