Wednesday, June 3, 2009

College football coaches stay at Saddam Hussein's place

Seven college football coaches continue their trek through the Middle East. And according to a ULCA website, the coaches were staying in one of Saddam Hussein's old places. In bunk beds.
    Coach Neuheisel called the office for a minute on Monday. He reported to one of the assistant coaches that the head coaches on the tour were currently staying in a place that had belonged to Saddam Hussein. All of the coaches were staying in the same room... in bunk beds.
The seven coaches on the trip are:
  • Texas' Mack Brown
  • Ohio State's Jim Tressel
  • Mississippi's Houston Nutt
  • UCLA's Rick Neuheisel
  • Wake Forest's Jim Grobe
  • Air Force's Troy Calhoun
  • Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville

    Here's a clip of Brown speaking while on the tour. He responds to why the coaches have decided why they will not release how each coach voted during the college football season. By the way, Brown's father (an Air Force veteran) fought in World War II, which is partly why he felt the need to go to the Middle East to support the troops. In an Austin Statesman story he said:
      "He never got in a plane again (after returning from the war)," Brown said. "He would not talk much about it."


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    Why are they there in the first place?? are they looking foe new players in that part of the world?.
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