Sunday, June 29, 2008

News and other interesting tidbits

  • The headline on the story by columnist Thomas George of says it all: "Shockey saga serious thorn in side of defending champions." To be honest, Jeremy Shockey's injury helped the New York Giants to become Eli Manning's team. The Giants may have to trade him before the season starts, but George quotes one NFL general manager who thinks highly of Shockey. The unnamed GM says: "Shockey is among the top five tight ends in the league. His blocking is downplayed. He is a very good blocker. Of all of the best tight ends -- (Antonio) Gates, (Tony) Gonzalez and (Jason) Witten -- he is easily a better blocking tight end than any of them. His receiving skills have diminished. He drops way too many balls. Some of that is likely just concentration and his situation. I would imagine before the season kicks off, there will be other suitors in a trade for him. Injuries and circumstances might call for it. But whether he is a Giant or somewhere else, the player should take inventory on what has worked and what has not worked for him in this league. And clean it up."

  • analyst Pat Kirwan breaks down the running backs that are still unsigned. The best include: Shaun Alexander, Travis Henry and Cedric Benson -- with Lamont Jordan awaiting his release from the Oakland Raiders. One GM said: "These close-to-30-year-old ball carriers may have to wait for a serious injury before the market changes for them."

  • Ever wonder about the NFL player's health care package after they retire? According to "Like many NFL players, retired wide receiver Karsten Bailey left college early to play professional football. When his NFL career ended, he was eager to return to school and finish his degree. Thanks to the NFL Player Insurance Plan, he could concentrate on his education and not worry about health insurance. The plan offers five years of continuing coverage for each player vested in the pension plan when his career ends."

  • Could someone text message Sports Illustrated's Peter King and let him know Brett Favre will be on the NFL Network Monday night? The channel will broadcast Favre's NFL debut, which pitted the Green Bay Packers against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 20, 1992. Favre entered the game when quarterback Don Majkowski was injured. The Packers won the came 24-23 with Favre going 22 for 39 for 289 yards along with two touchdowns.

  • And with Brett Favre in mind, here is a fan stealing the ball from Favre during a play against the Cincinnati Bengals, but it wasn't Favre's debut. The fan/idiot made it to about the 14-yardline. In this 33-second clip, the fan did not appear to be Peter King.

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