Saturday, June 28, 2008

NFL news

  • Real ravens at Ravens games. Oh great!
  • It will be interesting to see how the pairing for new San Francisco 49ers offensive coorindator Mike Martz and running back Frank Gore works out. The Sacramento Bee reports: "Upon joining the 49ers, Martz said he would build his offense around Gore the way he once built the St. Louis Rams' offenses around Marshall Faulk. Gore, however, won't be a Faulk clone."
  • More on Martz: Marshall Faulk (with and Martz talk about the 49ers' offense and the team's use of quarterbacks. It's a three minute video clip.
  • Meet the NFL's Mr. Irrelevant, St. Louis Rams lineback David Vobora, the final pick of the 2008 Draft. He chats with NFL Network's Rich Eisen. A five-minute video clip. He still goes to McDonalds and shops for cars on
  • CFL commissioner Mark Cohon isn't worried about the NFL invading Canada this season. Cohon said: "You have to put it in context. It's one regular-season game, it's one pre-season game this year." The Bills are set to play eight games in Toronto over the next five seasons.
  • Well, well, well, Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch was driving the car after all, according to the Associated Press. Check out his driving in this 34-second clip at the Holiday Bowl or how about his driving at the end of the Cal-Washington game that made him a star on SportsCenter and the like.

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