Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Athletes who could play in the NFL

The folks over the Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner have an excellent feature going: Athletes who could have played in the NFL. So far, they are at No. 7 -- Allen Iverson. In short, and for being short, Iverson could play. He was a quarterback, safety and kick returner. Below is a video with clips of him playing in high school. Awesome. One person described him by saying: "Before there was Michael Vick, there was Allen Iverson." Honorable mention went to Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a kick returner, Steve Nash as a quarterback, Milton Bradley as a linebacker, Shaquille O'Neal as an offensive tackle and Sidney Crosby as a quarterback. It's unclear whether any of these guys actually played football. I'll save the rest of the list for the Shutdown Corner, but Iverson is the most interesting pick so far. The countdown started at 11 and is now at No. 7 with Iverson.

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