Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino answers a nomadic question

First off, I love the ESPN's College Football Nation Blog Network. Anyway,'s Chris Low interviewed Arkansas' Bobby Petrino about his reputation as a coach who comes and goes.
    Do you think your reputation of being a coaching nomad will persist until you're still at Arkansas seven or eight years from now?
    BP: I kind of feel that tag on me is not real. This is my second college head coaching job. I had one stint in the NFL. When I was an assistant, I was at Idaho with John L. Smith, at Utah State with John L. Smith and at Louisville with John L. Smith. I spent a lot of time working with him, and that's what assistants do. They get opportunities that come up and then they go. I think the only job that I sent in a resume and made a phone call to get was to go to Weber State from Idaho. That's the only one where I made the initial contact. It's just that the situation with me being in the NFL for only one year ... certainly you're going to hear about that for a while.
Petrino admitted he gets asked about the Atlanta Falcons situation often when on the recruiting trail.

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