Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging without TV? Go for it, APIAS!!!

APIAS is the guinea pig. He is blogging without watching TV. APIAS has been doing it for three weeks. APIAS writes:
    Call it soul searching. Call it a social experiment. Call it me being a jack ass. Yeah, that’s about right. Whatever you want to call it, the simple truth is that I’ve decided to live without TV for the next few months (maybe longer) just for the Hell of it.
The Zone Blitz could never attempt such a thing with football season right around the corner, but good luck, APIAS. By the way, he does a little cheating in his quest for no TV. APIAS writes that he will be using something called a USB tuner. He writes:
    If you haven’t seen the USB tuners, they’re just little USB keys that plug into a 4-5″ HD antennae. Slap that puppy into your laptop and you’ve got HD TV wherever you go. But you pretty much only get NBC, CBS, and ABC.

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