Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Billboard to Bengals: "Chris Henry again? Are you serious?"

In case you missed it, the Cincinnati Bengals brought back wide receiver Chris Henry yesterday. Henry, who has missed 10 games during the past two seasons for violating its conduct policies, will miss the first four games of this season due to an NFL suspension. One Cincinnati Bengals fan posted his feeling on a billboard. It read: "Chris Henry again? Are you serious?" Here's a link to the billboard.

During his press conference, Henry was asked about it and a host of other things.
    Q: There’s a billboard on I-75 stating "Chris Henry again?" Is it tough to come back to such fan frustration? What do you say to them?
    A: It’s not tough for me but I wish the fans would allow me the chance to gain their trust back and proving myself and just having an opportunity to turn everything around. But it doesn’t bother me.

    Q: What do you say to people who say you’ve been given too many chances?
    A: Well, I mean, there’s pretty much nothing to say to them. I’ve got to prove it to my family and my teammates if it comes down to that…

    Q: Do you understand the public outcry?
    A: Yeah, I understand where they’re coming from. Just from everything that’s happened in the past and all of the mistakes I’ve made and I greatly regret. I understand where they’re coming from. It’s weird because they don’t actually know everything.

    Q: What don't they know?
    A: They just go off of what they read. They don't actually know everything that happened. It really doesn't come down to that, it's really up to me to turn everything around and handle myself like a professional athlete.
Then there's the response by Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. Here are a few of his answers.
    Q: How do you deal with fan outrage, including billboards and Internet polls?
    A: We can't really visit that. That's kind of where we are with things. We're going to move forward that way and not worry it.

    Q: Do you understand the frustration of fans?
    A: Well, I just said ... I just made my statement and I can't answer each fan's frustration. I get frustrated on Sunday afternoons, too. I get frustrated on Mondays. That's part of this job. I can't answer each of their frustrations. They have an option to be frustrated, if they want. It's a waste of time on their part but they have that option. Their frustrations aren't going to change us and our opportunity to win football games.

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