Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bloggers at the Democratic and Republican conventions? Thank Google

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is helping bloggers cover the Democratic and Republican conventions in the coming weeks. Here's the WSJ report:
    WASHINGTON -- Google Inc. will help set up a two-story, 8,000 square-foot headquarters for hundreds of bloggers descending on the Democratic convention in Denver next week, and it will offer similar services at the Republican convention in September, as new media gain influence in politics.

    Four years ago, Google wasn't a significant presence at the Democratic and Republican conventions. Its high-profile presence at both conventions this year mirrors the growth of new media, which will provide their takes on events and compete with established media companies via Google's YouTube video site and other social-media outlets.

    With its financial support for the "Big Tent" blogger facility at the Democratic convention, Google stands to gain exposure and goodwill from 500 or so bloggers who paid $100 for access to the facility, run by a coalition of bloggers. Google's software and services will be featured, including a kiosk in the public area of the tent where anyone can post videos on YouTube.
This will help Google's PR machine. Could the major sports be far behind? Can you imagine bloggers at the Super Bowl? World Series? The BCS National Championship Game? Bowl games? I can actually see this happening. Give them x-mount of space at a site. Nothing over the top. Just some space at the site and a bit of opportunity. I actually think this is a great move by Google.

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