Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Peter King couldn't get Brett Favre's return on SI cover

Poor Peter King could not get Brett Favre on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. King was probably jumping up and down pouting when SI decided to give the cover to Michael Phelps. Anyway, now on to other King-Favre news. In his Monday Morning Quarterback column, which appeared online Monday (obviously), it took King just five paragraphs before he mentioned Favre. Oh, and the topic of the column was Peyton Manning. King waits until close to the end to re-mention Favre. Here's his sad tale of Favre's return:
    I think I don't want to hear what great fans the Jets have. Not for a long time. That crowd Saturday night was a disgrace. At least half the stadium was empty for Favre's debut in a Jets' uniform. I expressed my amazement to a few fellow scribes Saturday night -- emphasizing that N.Y. traded for an all-time-great quarterback, not a broken-down one -- and they gave varying reasons for the poor turnout. Like it's the middle of vacation month for New Yorkers, and it's a preseason game. Horsefeathers. If you really love your team, and you have season tickets, you should have been at that game unless you were in Tibet. Ridiculous.
You can put your hanky away now, Peter. And kissingsuzykolber.com was kind enough to point out that King attended Favre's game over the weekend in a green shirt. Apparently in an attempt to show support for Favre.

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