Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama disses Cubs fans in ESPN interview with Stuart Scott

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama and ESPN's Stuart Scott play basketball and talk sports. And if John McCain talks with Scott, we will post that. By the way, Obama is a better basketball player than Scott. In fact, Scott seems kind of weak on the court. It's also worth noting that Obama takes a shot at Cubs fans. When asked about a possible White Sox-Cubs World Series, he says he will root for the White Sox, seeing his is a former Southsider himself. It's also where Michelle Obama grew up. But then he dogs Cubs fans by saying the following when asked who would he root for: "Oh, that's easy -- White Sox. I am not one of these fair-weathered fans. The Cubs, they're nice. You go to Wrigley Field. You have a beer. They're beautiful people out there. The people aren't watching the game. It's not serious. White Sox -- that's baseball." After their game, an out of breathe Scott gets his man-hug from Obama and labors to say, "I am just so glad it's over." Hope Scott has an easier time with McCain on the court.

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