Thursday, August 21, 2008

Justin Forsett is one nice running back

Do not quote me on this, but I do not think I have ever posted an eight-minute long video. (Of course, as soon as I wrote that, I remember I posted Tom Coughlin's 11-minute interview with ESPN last weekend.) But Seattle Seahawks running back Justin Forsett looks nice in this clip against the Chicago Bears during preseason action. I think he can be a player in this league. With Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett (among others), the Seattle Seahawks are going to have to find a spot for this 5-foot-8 running back on their roster. In the Seahawks' first preseason game, he posted 58 yards on 13 carries. In the second one against Chicago, he had 15 carries for 136 yards, along with one catch for eight yards. He also posted 116 return yards.

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