Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nine-foot tapeworm? Is this even possible?

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that a man has filed a suit against a restaurant after passing a nine-foot tapeworm. Ouch. This happened sometime in 2006. The suit was filed Monday. According the Sun-Times:
    A tapeworm almost 10-feet long passed through a man after he ate at a high-end seafood restaurant in the Loop, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

    Anthony Franz is suing the parent company of Shaw’s Crab House for causing him to become “violently ill” after eating undercooked salmon at the River North restaurant.
After some quick research (aka Google), it seems tapeworms can grow to 3-7 feet and can grow as long as 30 feet. In the end, it could have been worse for this Chicago guy.

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    kellydwyer said...

    Salmon is the fish that people who don't know fish usually order.

    When at Shaw's, eat oysters. Nothing else.