Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The truth is out there -- somewhere

Here is just part of a long correction run by the Orlando magazine on the Internet after the publication ran a story about artist Mark Pulliam, who claimed, well, who claimed a lot of things. The story, in the August issue of the Orlando Magazine, was titled "The Natural." The correction was run in a column by editor Mike Boslet titled "Duped! The Mark Pulliam Story." Enjoy:
    Finding the Truth
    •Pulliam never played for the Yankees, said team spokesman Michael Margolis. Pulliam had said the team drafted him out of the University of Florida, a claim Margolis also denied.
    •Team owner George Steinbrenner did not commission a Pulliam painting of Yankee Stadium, said Margolis. Shown a photo of the painting via e-mail, Margolis said it had never hung in the Yankees’ front offices, as Pulliam claimed.
    •Pulliam didn’t play ball at the University of Florida, said John Hines, assistant director of communications at UF.
    •UF has no record of Pulliam being enrolled there, according to Ron Wayne, a school spokesman. Pulliam had claimed that he returned to the school and earned a bachelor of fine arts degree after suffering a career-ending injury with the Yankees.
    •Pulliam did attend Brevard Community College from 1977 to mid-1981, said Kate Brennan, a spokeswoman for the school. BCC’s athletic director, Jamie Howell, said he could not confirm that Pulliam had played on the school’s baseball team.
Have not seen the original story, but this correction may be better than the story.

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