Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best (and worst) of last night's MNF from Awful Announcing

Awful Announcing has a clip of Tony Kornheiser ripping on Ron Jaworski's Arena Football League. As you know, Jaworski's Philadelphia Soul won the AFL championship. Plus, Awful Announcing posts the notable quotes from the MNF presentation -- which saw the New York Giants beat the Cleveland Browns 37-4 last night. Two of the better lines came from Kornheiser:
    “Let me go back to Eli who you see growing a beard, which is what real men do. They grow beards, Jaws. They have beards.”- Tony Kornheiser

    ”With Tiki gone across the river to do TV and they said who in the world is going to get ALL those yards. Well Jacobs led the running back by committee that had 7 fewer rushing yards than the Giants in 2006.”- Mike Tirico
    “That’s why Tiki moved from the nine o’clock hour to the 10 o’clock hour. Because someone out gained him. That’s another network, I should probably stay away from it.”- Tony Kornheiser

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