Friday, August 1, 2008

Are Canadians scheming to keep NFL out of country?

If the NFL never fields a team North of the border, blame Canada.

A Canadian Member of Parliament, Joe Comartin, is scheming to keep the NFL out of Canada. If a United States team wants to move there, he can't stop them. The only way he can stop NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his cohorts is to set up roadblocks. Comartin's evil plan is to legalize sports wagering, according to the Globe and Mail. Legalizing it would financially aid Canadian casinos. The U.S. casinos do not allow sports wagering. But keeping the NFL out of Canada and the struggling CFL alive and well is Comartin's plan.

He told the Globe and Mail: "I'm on that side that's opposed to having the NFL in Canada. I think it would be the death knell of the CFL and I'm strongly in favour of keeping the NFL out."

And why should the CFL be worried? Well, the Buffalo Bill, a team just across the border, will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers Aug. 14 in Toronto.

Comartin knows the NFL may take a "hard stand" against such sports betting, reports the newspaper. And remember, Goodell and the NFL are forcing the Rooney's to sell the Steelers because of their gambling interests, which includes horse racing.

So what does all this mean? It means the Canadians are worried about their own league. They fear the NFL is about to field a team in Canada in the coming years. In fact, it will happen. It's a just matter of time. Unless, Comartin's gamble pays off.

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