Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brett Favre is like Cher?

ESPN's Rick Reilly compares Brett Favre to Cher. Now, I am all for beating up Favre day and night about his waffling, but Cher?!?!? Do even half the ESPN viewers know who Cher is? We're talking about Cher? We're not talking about Paris Hilton. We're talking about Cher? What next? References to the Rat Pack? Bob Hope? Red Skelton? Foster Brooks? The Dean Martin Comedy Hour? War of the Worlds?

But back to Cher. Reilly said, "Remember 2002? The Grand Diva was retiring and decided to stage a farewell tour. Except she liked the attention so much she kept extending the tour for three years. Then at the end, she un-retired. This is now what we have with Favre."

Remember Cher in 2002? Noooooo. Okay, Reilly probably has all his facts right about the Cher retirement thing. Not even going to fact-check him. But he is comparing Favre with Cher?

Is this one of those moments when everyone notices that the game has passed you by?

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