Monday, August 4, 2008

The Daily Diva Digest (Brett Favre)

This Diva called Brett Favre just won't go away. Here are a few of the thousands of comments on the guy.

  • Green Bay Press Gazette sports editor Mike Vandermause column headlined: "Now who's waffling?" Vandermause writes, "Now the Packers have seemingly returned to Square One, which gives the impression the organization is struggling to find the correct course of action, or worse yet, making things up as it goes along and reacting to outside circumstances."

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes, "Source says Packers contact Vikings about trade for Favre." The newspaper quotes a source as saying the following, " 'The Bears say they're not interested,' the source said. 'The Bears just kind of are what they are. I don't see him in Detroit, either. At least the Vikings' offense is what he's used to. Old dogs don't learn new tricks, especially in three weeks.' "

    The Green Bay Post Gazette reports, "(Aaron) Rodgers: 'It's going to be a dogfight' " The newspapers reports that while Rodgers puts on a good face by saying all the right things, one of its sources says: “If Favre comes back, Aaron is going to be hot.”

    Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribine appears to be first in line of the Brett Favre Love Affair: Part II. Pompei's column is headlined: "Back in green and gold the only fit for Favre." Pompei writes, "Favre did the right thing by turning down the Packers' 10-year, $25 million retirement offer. It was the right thing for him because his competitive fires still burn. It was the right thing for the NFL because it's a better league with him in it. And it was the right thing for the Packers, because they are going to need him."

  • Casey Burkett of reports, "To paraphrase a line by Michael Jordan: He’s back. Packers announce quarterback competition in camp." Burkett's column includes this thought: "Will Aaron Rodgers be given a fair chance as well? It would be truly unfortunate if the Packers felt forced to give the starting nod to Favre in a close battle they felt was won by Rodgers. I hope fans and media give Rodgers as much consideration and support as they will to the legend."

  • Story by Ray Buck of the Star-Telegram is headlined: "Gunslinging QBs Romo, Favre come under fire." Buck answers a series of questions, mostly dealing with Tony Romo and Brett Favre. He responds to one reader, a Favre critic, with the following: "I hear Favre will pay you $20 per year for 10 years if you stop writing about him."

  • Even in a NASCAR story in the Las Vegas Sun, ESPN and Brett Favre take hits. "I would have liked to see the broadcast go a little longer to include a few more post-race interviews. But SportsCenter took priority. Frankly, I’d rather hear a few more comments from drivers instead of the latest news about that whiner, Brett Favre."
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