Thursday, August 14, 2008

Five things sort of worth reading

1. "An open letter to Troy Smith" -- written by's James Walker.

2. "Raiders' (Javon) Walker now a changed man." writes the Oakland Tribune. "I'm just looking forward to these games and getting out there and doing it," Walker said. "It's kind of like Mr. Davis said, he wanted me on his side because I had a lot of success against the Raiders every time playing (them). So, I'm just happy to be on this side and do it against somebody else."

3. "(Billie Jean) King's book highlights 'Battle of the Sexes' match," reports the Associated Press. According to the AP: "While there were no female sports writers at the match, 15-year-old athlete Christine Brennan watched on TV with her family in Toledo, Ohio. Brennan, now a sports columnist, decided to co-write the book when she saw the reception King got at a panel discussion at the 2007 NCAA Women's Final Four in Cleveland. 'So many people came up, it was as if Mick Jagger was on the stage,' Brennan said. 'With old Ms. magazines and books and pictures to be autographed. People reaching their hands out to Billie for an hour.' "

4. Remember those button-snap western dress shirts you used to wear? Heck, you may be still wearing them. Well, the inventor and founder/CEO of the company died at 107. The Rocky Mountain News reports: "During a labor shortage in World War I, Jack A.Weil went to work after school in the DS Bernstein Overall Factory, where he began a lifetime of learning the apparel manufacturing business. When he started Rockmount, Weil became what his grandson called "the Henry Ford" of Western shirts by inventing the sawtooth pocket and diamond snap design."

5. "Michael Vick may come to Orlando as quarterback," writes the Orlando Sentinel. "(Michael) Vick is due to be released from prison in July of '09 and will probably be suspended for at least a year by the NFL and, because of that, ineligible to play in the Canadian league. UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue told (Sports Illustrated's Peter) King that he was "98 percent" sure Vick would play in the UFL."

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