Monday, August 18, 2008

Is Peter King's new love (Jason Campbell) losing his job?

Peter King loves Brett Favre. With Favre nearing retirement sometime in the next 10 years, King will need a new love. Earlier this summer, it appeared King tapped Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell for the role. But it now appears Campbell's job isn't a guarantee. Matt Mosley over at writes that head coach Jim Zorn was critical of Campbell. Zorn was quoted as saying of Campbell:

    "We had a route that Jason held the ball and we had a vertical outside that was an easy touchdown. Honestly, it was an easy touchdown and we just didn't see it. He didn't focus on it, and then he turned back in and tried to throw the ball over the middle to the tight end [and the route] wasn't there."
We here at The Zone Blitz have been pushing for Colt Brennan, but Mosley said Zorn has "tapped the brakes" on that. We shall see.

Here's coverage of Brennan from Hawaii TV stations. As you know, Brennan played college ball at Hawaii. The first 30 seconds deals with other Hawaii natives in the NFL, but the rest is coverage of Brennan -- with interviews with Brennan and Zorn.

  • THE LATEST ON BRENNAN (posted 8-20-8): Hawaii columnist says Brennan's fans need to learn Zorn-speak.
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