Monday, August 18, 2008

Picking Super Bowl winner could create hairy situation

Pick the winner of the 2009 Super Bowl and have the chance to win a prize. Entrance into the contest is totally free. The prize? Not a car. Not a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Not free tickets to the next Super Bowl. No, it's even better. If you win, you get a hair replacement. Congrats.

This is Richard Farrell's way of having fun and creating interest in hair replacement. His blog states: "We’ll contact you if you’re the winner and set you up with a hand made ultra-custom Farrell Hair Replacement system absolutely FREE." Like he said, FREE.

Just so you know what you are getting when you win, the site continues by stating: "At Farrell Hair Replacement we create "ultra-custom" non-surgical hair replacement hair systems for Men, Women and Children suffering from the devastating effects of hair loss. At Farrell Hair Replacement we actually replace your hair on your scalp exactly the way it used to grow."

Don't be surprised if you are competing with NFL experts like Minnesota Viking head coach Brad Childress (above right).

For more information, go to Farrell's site. And good luck.

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