Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bernie Kosar and the tax man?

The Miami Herald is reporting that former Cleveland Browns and Miami Hurricanes quarterback Bernie Kosar owes the tax man. The article states: "The Internal Revenue Service filed a $228,806.21 lien -- income tax owed for 2006, according to Broward County records. Kosar is also delinquent on his 2007 property tax for his Weston home, on Paddock Road in Windmill Ranch Estates. He failed to pay $52,724.95 due last March 31 and now owes $59,881.49 with penalties, interest and other charges." Kosar, according to the report, said it all just fell through the cracks. The Cleveland Browns legend has spent the past year as the president of the Cleveland Gladiators, which reached the Arena Football League semifinals. Then there's a battle with Dan Harri for more than $100,000.

The story states: "Kosar's Cleveland lawyer, John Climaco, says Harri and Jacob Kreuzer, a Houston collection agency investigator, are using strongarm tactics. Climaco cites an e-mail that Kreuzer sent to a Kosar assistant, saying Harri planned to 'air a lot of dirty laundry about Bernie's personal life' to media outlets including ESPN." Kosar is recently divorced, too. All this and Kosar got his photo on

As head of the Gladiators, he was seen at all the home games in Cleveland patiently signing autographs for Cleveland fans. Many cite his involvement with the team for its success in drawing large crowds to the games. There was even a Bernie Kosar Bobblehead Night toward the end of the Gladiators' season. Kosar was recently seen in the vicinity of the IRS's boss, President George W. Bush. Kosar attended a Republican event near Cleveland. The event reportedly cost $10,000 a head. It is unclear whether Kosar got a chance to discuss his problems with the President.

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