Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting to know Jason Campbell (Colt Brennan' nemesis)

Here's an eight-minute clip of getting to know Washington Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell (aka Colt Brennan's nemesis). From watching the clip, it seems like more than just Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks highly of Campbell. It's an eight minute video. The first four minutes are testimonials from many NFL players, coaches and announcers. The clip opens with high school video. Have to love high school film of great players before they were great. The second half is a musical tribute to Campbell, but it displays his best highlights. I am not one to watch eight minutes (I love one minute clips or less), but this one is pretty good. And, remember, this web site is pushing Colt Brennan to start for the Redskins. In fact, I am starting to think Campbell may be pretty good. The Redskins may be in for a treat at quarterback. Nice going, Redskins.

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