Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Google related searches and the NFL

For the record, remember, it's a Tuesday -- meaning not much is going on. With that in mind, here's a list of Google's "Searches related to" suggestions. After typing in the names of each NFL head coach, here are some of the suggestions from Google as of early this morning. Many were not worthy of suggestion by Google. Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith appears to be a good guy; Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy is a good guy who has had to overcome personal tragedies; Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid has had family problems; and Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher saw his NFL career as a player ended because of a broken leg. The person who put the lick on him? Bill Cowher.

The NFL coach with the most interesting suggestions? Why it's Mr. Personality himself -- Bill Belichick. Belichick's ex-wife (Debby Belichick), girlfriend (Sharon Shenocca) and the word "affair" get a mention when searching Belichick. Also under Belichick is "Bill Bellichick Tom Jackson." A few years back, Belichick told the ESPN announcer Tom Jackson, "Go F$%# yourself."

Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith: 0
Arizona Cardinals Ken Whisenhunt: 0
Baltimore Raven John Harbaugh: 0
Buffalo Bills Dick Jauron: 0
Carolina Panthers John Fox: 0
Chicago Bears Lovie Smith: Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith christian, Lovie Smith wife, Lovie Smith family, Lovie Smith real name, Lovie Smith salary, Lovie Smith contract, Lovie Smith photos.
Cleveland Browns Romeo Crennel: 0
Dallas Cowboys Wade Phillips: 0
Denver Broncos Mike Shanahan: 0
Detriot Lions Rod Marinelli: 0
Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy: 0
Houston Texans Gary Kubiak: 0
Jacksonville Jaguars Jack Del Rio: 0
Kansas City Chiefs Herm Edwards: Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith.
Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy: Lovie Smith, Tony Dungy christian, James Dungy, Tony Dungy quotes, Lauren Dungy, Tony Dungy photos, Peyton Manning, Herm Edwards.
Miami Dolphins Tony Sparano: 0
Minnesota Vikings Brad Childress: 0
New England Patriots Bill Belichick: Bill Belichick affair, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick quotes, Debby Belichick, Bill Belichick salary, Sharon Shenocca, Bill Belichick Tom Jackson, Tony Dungy.
New Orleans Saints Sean Payton: 0
New York Giants Tom Coughlin: 0
New York Jets Eric Mangini: 0
Oakland Raiders Lane Kiffin: 0
Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid: Garret Reid, Mike Holmgren, Andy Reid kids, Tony Dungy, Andy Reid family, Andy Reid children.
Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin: 0
St. Louis Rams Scott Linehan: 0
San Diego Chargers Norv Turner: 0
San Francisco 49ers Mike Nolan: 0
Seattle Seahawks Mike Holmgren: Mike Holmgren pictures, Joe Gibbs.
Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher: Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher Chicago Bears.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jon Gruden: 0
Washington Redskins Jim Zorn: 0

After searching for a few players, we found Tony Romo and Tom Brady have interesting personal lives. Though, it's odd Romo is never linked to Jessica Simpson in the suggestions. When searching Brett Favre, it appears Favre has had a great career and a boring personal life -- but he does have a good looking wife.

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Tom Brady: Tom Brady Gisele, Tom Brady baby, Tom Brady pictures, Bridget Moynihan, Tom Brady Bridget Moynahan, New England Patriots, Giselle pregnant, Tom Brady and Bridget Moynihan
Brett Favre: Brett Favre trade, Brett Favre stats, Brett Favre bio, Brett Favre records, Deanna Favre, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, John Elway.
Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers contract, Aaron Rodgers trade, 2005 NFL draft.
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