Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wall Street Journal does nice rip job on Favre

Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to rip Brett Favre while everyone else in the New York media is falling in love with Favre. Allen Barra writes, "It's true that Mr. Favre holds the all-time record for TD passes (442), but what isn't as well known is that he also holds the record for most interceptions (288). Perhaps the best way of understanding Mr. Favre's effectiveness is to compare him to baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan, who holds the all-time record for strikeouts but also for walks. Everyone concedes that Mr. Ryan was a legitimate Hall of Famer, but with a lifetime winning percentage of .526, no one argues that he was the best ever or even among his own contemporaries." Read the article, it's loaded with stats. Heck, it even rips Mike Lupica.

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