Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just what we needed -- another NFL web site

Please welcome another NFL-centric web site -- "The National Football Post." Oh, great. More competition.

The site is headed by four executives:
Andrew Brandt, president
Michael Lombardi, chief editor and content manager
Jack Bechta, vice president of development
Matt Bowen, writer/content provider

Here's the site's what we are about section: "The National Football Post is founded on the vision of creating the definitive forum where news, information and insight come together through voices of experienced NFL executives, agents, and current and former NFL players. These professional football insiders will bring a unique and previously unavailable glimpse into the inner workings of NFL front offices, locker rooms and playing fields. Unlike any other outlet for news about America’s most popular sport, The National Football Post provides organic news, opinion, analysis and knowledge that are not presently found in the sports information service industry. Our insiders will use their respective experiences, access and knowledge to allow all those who consume professional football to have the ultimate portal to see the inner workings of their favorite pastime."

The site was launched Monday.

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