Monday, August 4, 2008

Peter King still writing about Brett Favre

Was all excited after reading Peter King's headline to his most recent Monday Morning Quarterback column: "Brett who? Catching up with the 2,500 players not named Favre." Great, King's not writing about Brett Favre -- and he is even acknowledging he tends to write about Favre. So who does he write about in depth? Why it's the greatest Brett Favre imitator of all-time, Tony Romo. Unbelievable!!

Okay, at least there will be no Favre, right? Wrong. About half way through his column, Favre gets a mention. Then on the final page of his usual epic, there he is -- Brett Favre. King shares his "I-think-these-are-my-Favrian-thoughts-of-the-week."

Back to Romo. Anyway, of the whole Jessica Simpson thing, King writes: "I wondered about his ability to compartmentalize and handle the zaniness of the Jessica Simpson/paparazzi part of his life along with the football world. He won't talk about Simpson for the record, in part because he refuses to feed the monster of celebrity. 'I don't read much of the gossipy stuff, and I don't care about it,' he said. 'I take my job very seriously, but it's hard to take that stuff seriously. In five or six years, nobody's going to remember any of it.' "

And this gives us the reason to run the Jessica Simpson video we all love. This is the reason Romo is going out with Simpson. As always, enjoy.

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