Monday, August 4, 2008


What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • Dan Steinberg, aka the DC Blogger, shares his thoughts in a posting headlined: "How Long Does it Take to Lose a Blackberry in Beijing?"
          MIF: Steinberg, who is writing from Beijing for the next few weeks with a blog called: "Beijing Sports Smog." He writes: "Half-shirted men. This is big. In several ways. And occasionally tough to stomach. To cool down, the stylish trick for fun-loving men who want to look hip and modern is to sort of scrunch their shirts somewhere north of belly button but south of breast, allowing perhaps eight-to-ten inches of bare torso to luxuriate in the open."

  • Stiles Points shares his 10 list of things that happened in the Chicago Cubs locker after Erin Andrews' visit last week.

  • Also from Stiles Points is the notice of the death of Gene Stallings' son, John Mark, who was 46-years-old and had Down's Syndrome.
          MIF: "John Mark was always by his dad's side while he was the coach with the Arizona Cardinals and Alabama"
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