Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CFL vs. NFL: The battle continues.

CFL fans to the NFL: NFL? We don't need no stinkin' NFL.

CFL fans are worried that Buffalo Bills appearance in Canada Thursday is the first step in the NFL's attempt to move a team to Canada and basically bring an end to the CFL. Bloomberg News is reporting that Canadian Senator Larry Campbell feels that a move by any NFL team to Canada will mean the end of the CFL. "It would virtually spell the demise of the CFL,'' Campbell said. The senator is "trying to pass legislation that would make it illegal for the NFL to establish a team in Canada," according to Bloomberg.

There is also a protest scheduled by CFL fans that will occur Thursday when the Bills play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Corey Mace, the lone Buffalo Bills player born in Canada told the National Post, he can see the fans protesting. "But at the same time, I know there's a lot of supporters of the NFL. It's a very popular league. I believe somewhere around 26-30% of our fan base is from Ontario. So I'm sure there are some fans of the CFL who aren't very happy with it but, you know, it's just a great experience," Mace told the National Post.

About 2,500 tickets remain for Thursday's game.

It was reported here earlier in August that another politician was trying to keep the NFL out of Canada. Joe Comartin, a Canadian Member of Parliament, was trying to make sports gambling legal in Canada in hopes that that would be enough of a roadblock to foil the NFL's hopes of placing a team in the country full-time. Comartin is well aware that the NFL doesn't like the present of gambling, which is why Nevada may never get an NFL team.

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