Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great news: Sun-Times lawyers punk Jay Mariotti

The Chicago Sun-Times lawyers apparently have put the kibosh on Jay Mariotti landing with the Chicago Tribune. After ripping the newspaper business, we thought Mariotti was done with print journalism. Guess Mariotti is finding life a bit tough without a paycheck from the hand that fed him for all these years. This report comes from the Tribune:
    Mariotti and Tribune "talked about television, about the Internet, about the newspaper,'' he said. Mariotti said that discussions about working for Tribune Co.'s Chicago Tribune newspaper became a stumbling block. "The Sun-Times' lawyer threatened me with a lawsuit in 64-point type. Things sort of stalled,'' he added.

    Executives at the Sun-Times could not be reached late Tuesday.

    "At one point last week, there were lawyers on both sides looking into this,'' Mariotti said. "It's daunting to put together a deal. This [lawyer's letter] got thrown out in the middle of everything. We both decided that we can't do what we wanted to do.''

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