Friday, September 19, 2008

Whatever happened to first-round pick Ted Ginn Jr.?

Ted Ginn Jr. isn't a bust -- yet. But the clock is sure ticking. Sure, receivers seem to take a season or two before everything starts to click for them, but if you are a Dolphins fan, you have to start wondering. The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero takes a look at the Ted Ginn-Chad Pennington alliance.
    I simply don't think these two guys are well-suited for one another.

    Ginn is a developing player but we all know his strengths are speed and stretching the field. He is a long-strider who seems most comfortable running 9 routes and deep posts and skinny posts. He needs to go down the field in a straight line, outrun people, and get the ball thrown over the top of the defense.

    Pennington, meanwhile, is a quarterback more comfortable working with his receivers on timing. He wants to know the ins and outs of their route-running so he can anticipate them coming out of their breaks and have the ball delivered to them as they come clear.

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rstiles said...

Name how many Tressel-led Buckeye players are All-Pros in the NFL!!!