Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oakland exec gets in reporter's face

San Jose Mercury News' Tim Kawakami asked this question of Lane Kiffin at a press conference Monday and the result of this question is what is seen on this video below:
    "Given that there are reports (that Kiffin earlier didn’t deny) that Raiders officials have told him he’s going to be fired, given that we all know a Raiders official distributed printed copies of an espn.com article critical of Kiffin, given that Kiffin came to today’s news conference without a single item of Raiders garb… How isolated does Kiffin feel in this organization?"
The dispute is between Kawakami and Oakland administrator John Herrera.

Kawakami later blogged about the incident under the headline "The Raiders’ John Herrera vs. me in front of the cameras today: Well, THAT was fun." Kawakami writes:
    It’s fairly entertaining when you can step back and see it from far away. It’s illustrative and it’s a little sad, again, in an always entertaining way. This is what the once-great franchise is reduced to?
    But when it’s running up to you and screaming in your face and calling you a liar and apparently intimating that I was dabbling in counter-culture activities with a national NFL writer? HUH? In front of every local TV station, to be shown at 6 and 11 I would guess? Well, now!

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