Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pick'em: Eli Manning, Philip Rivers or Jay Cutler?

AOL's Fanhouse asks -- So Who Ya Got: Eli Manning, Philip Rivers or Jay Cutler? I watched the Denver-San Diego game last weekend. Ed Hochuli may have been the star of the game, but Cutler is going to be the next star in the NFL. Denver is a potential Super Bowl team -- this season. And I think Mike Shanahan knows it. Why else would he boldly predict the playoffs for this 2008 team?

"The NFL FanHouse brain trusts" share their thoughts. Of their comments, I agree with Stephanie Stradley.
    I think you go with Cutler. The Denver system is kind to quarterbacks, and clearly they were still chasing their post-Elway quarterback. Think of how many QBs he outplayed last year while he had undiagnosed diabetes.

    Mike Shanahan says it takes a quarterback three years in his system to really get it. We are in Year 3.

I think Cutler will put up the best stats of the three and maybe win a Super Bowl. Manning will win the most Super Bowls and destined to a Troy Aikman-like career, where the stats are decent but the Super Bowl trophies are his forte. As for Rivers, he's a loud mouth. He'll have a decent career. Sort of reminds you of Ryan Leaf with some talent. Manning and Cutler can hope for the Hall of Fame some day. Rivers not so much.

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