Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NFLjuice.com stands by report: Tom Brady out 2-4 weeks

The Associated Press is reporting that Tom Brady will start for the New England Patriots when they play the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.
    It would be a big surprise if the record-setting quarterback, who had a right foot injury and missed all four exhibition games, doesn't start Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

    "If it's up to me, there's no question" Brady said Monday. "I've been getting progressively better over the past couple of weeks. I'm excited. I'm excited to start the year."
NFLjuice.com, however, is standing by its report that Brady will be out 2-4 weeks. NFLjuice.com writes:
    Well, for the record, we would not have posted this rumor if the source reporting it hadn’t given us reason to believe it.

    We’re currently searching for the CAT SCAN and/or MRI report from Tom Brady’s most recent medical exam. Until we see it, or Coach Billy B. announces Tom as the starter, we’re sticking by our source.

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