Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A pillow fight royale: Maria Bartiromo vs. Erin Burnett

Maria Bartiromo vs. Erin Burnett. No one knows what to make of this CNBC battle. Is it a fist fight? Cat fight? Pillow fight?

Vanity Fair gives us an in depth look at the alleged battle. It's hard to decide what to make of their battle. It's probably part real, part media concoction. You gotta love Vanity Fair descriptions of the two women.

Vanity Fair on Maria Bartiromo, 41, aka “Money Honey”:
    At the sound of the closing bell, she checks the messages on her BlackBerry, adjusts the collar of her navy-blue Gucci suit, takes a deep breath, and begins her final hour of live reporting from the exchange floor. Looking at the camera with her enormous, smoky blue eyes and speaking at a rapid-fire clip, she will do the job that has made her famous. In that familiar voice, with its faint Brooklyn accent, she will deliver up-to-the-minute news on the forces moving the financial markets. . . .
Vanity Fair on Erin Burnett, 32, aka “Street Sweetie”:
    With sultry blue eyes, sharp, almost perfect features, dimples, and a lazy, bedroomy smile, Burnett not only was knowledgeable about financial issues but had a knack for translating them into plain English, and in contrast to Maria, who was more singularly focused on corporate news, Burnett was interested in broader policy issues—education, health care, how to pay for the repair of America’s crumbling infrastructure. She had a casual, breezy on-air persona. She was also a bit irreverent—and spontaneous.


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