Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John McCain's interview with ESPN

A few weeks ago, ESPN interviewed Barack Obama. This week, Bob Ley interviewed John McCain. It's always nice to see politicians talk about sports and see what they know. McCain talks about boxing, mixed martial arts fighting, gambling in sports, drugs in sports and Sarah Palin's career as a sportscaster. It's a three-minute interview. By the way, The Zone Blitz posted the Obama interview a few weeks ago. So in fairness, we have posted the McCain interview.

ALSO: Here's an ESPN E:60 interview with Cindy McCain. Pretty interesting story about a woman who had a stroke at 49 and then went onto learn something called drifting. It's an auto sport that was invented more than 20 years ago. Nice interview about Cindy McCain by Lisa Salter. I follow politics maybe more than sports, and I did not know this side of John McCain's wife. Cindy McCain took auto mechanics in high school. She's also a big fan of NASCAR. It should be noted that this is nine-minute piece.

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