Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NFL: Everyday is like Sunday

The NFL is using Morrissey's song "Everyday is like Sunday" in a commercial. No biggie, right? Well, that's because it's the only line (Everyday is like Sunday) from the song used in the 30-second commercial, which promotes NFL.com, NFL Mobile Live and the NFL Network. If any one bothers to seek some of the lyrics in the song, you find lines like these:
    Trudging slowly over wet sand
    Back to the bench where your clothes were stolen
    This is the coastal town
    That they forgot to close down
    Armageddon - come armageddon!
    Come, armageddon! come!
And this one:
    Hide on the promenade
    Etch a postcard :
    How I dearly wish I was not here
    In the seaside town
    ...that they forgot to bomb
    Come, come, come - nuclear bomb
And if the use of words like armageddon and nuclear bomb aren't enough, how about the refrain:
    Everyday is like sunday
    Everyday is silent and grey
Silent and grey? Not the kind of Sunday the NFL is selling. And as it is with most fans of a popular artist, Morrissey fans are not happy with the NFL using the song in the ad. And for those of you who don't know who the heck Morrissey is, he was the singer and lyricist for the The Smiths, an alternative rock band during the 1980s. The song "Everyday is like Sunday" came after he left the band.

Here's the NFL commercial.

Here's Morrissey's video for the song "Everyday is like Sunday."

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    Procras108rix said...

    Exactly. I thought I had entered an alternate universe when I saw that ad. Bizarre.

    Beav said...

    I thought I was hallucinating...I saw the commercial twice yesterday.

    Larry said...

    Oh get over yourselves aleady. I am a fan of Smiths/Morrisey and the NFL. Obviously Morrissey had to sign off on it, so he must be cool with it. I don't think even Morrissey takes himself this seriously.

    Anonymous said...

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