Sunday, September 21, 2008

NFL to Ed Hochuli: Stop e-mailing fans!!!

NFL referee Ed Hochuli admitted his bad call in the San Deigo-Denver game that cost the Chargers the game. Upset fans fired off e-mails to Hochuli, who in turn wrote back not to tell them to shut the @#$% up, but to apologize. Now, in a strange twist, the NFL is telling Hochuli to shut the @#$% up. AOL's Fanhouse writes:
    Surprisingly, Hochuli replied, telling fans that he was sorry, that he agrees that he screwed up royally and that he feels terrible about it. But now the NFL has told Hochuli to knock it off. Chris Mortensen reported on ESPN (via PFT) that the league office has told Hochuli to zip it.
Today, Hochuli is in Baltimore officating the Ravens-Browns game.

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