Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tom Brady shops as Rome, er, New England burns

New England's injured quarterback Tom Brady was out shopping with his one-year-old son, Jack, as his teammates were getting pounded by the previously hapless Miami Dolphins (38-13) on Sunday, reports The site reports:
    “He had a bandanna tied around his forehead under his hat,” said a spywitness. “He was definitely keeping his hat low, and the bandanna low, but he’s hard to miss. I think once the word was out, he tried to get out of there rather quickly!”
Always a good day when someone uses the word spywitness. Interestingly, the previous Sunday (Sept. 14), Bridget Moynahan, Brady's ex, had their son out shopping, too. According to "In Touch" magazine, she was shopping at Tales & Toys in Venice, Calif. According to reports:
    "One of the sales clerks jokingly asked, 'So, you ladies aren't watching Sunday football?' " a source told the mag. "Bridget looked disgusted and replied, 'We hate football.' "

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