Thursday, September 25, 2008

McGruff and Time Warner seek help on the George Brett video

Time Warner wants to know how the raw George Brett video landed on YouTube. You know, the video where he is telling two Kansas City Royal players about a trip to Las Vegas where he, uh, crapped his pants. He said he is good for this at least twice a year. Okay, we are sure it was all a put on, because two sounds kind of low. Anyway, Time Warner wants to know how this video escaped its vault. In fact, a Time Warner spokesman uses the word "investigation." The USA Today reports:
    The video of the Hall of Famer was shot several years ago during spring training, when Tony Pena was the Royals’ manager. Kansas City Star blogger Jeffrey Flanagan reports that, "Brett was shown joking around with some players while talking graphically about how overeating can cause, shall we say, a certain undesirable bodily function."

    The video has been removed, but a Time Warner spokesman told the Star the company still wants to know how the footage got lifted from its archives and that, "The matter is still under investigation by us."
Anyway, if you have any information about who released this video, it probably would be a great idea to call your local Time Warner Cable provider, have the automated voice walk you through a series of levels and then sit tight on hold for 15 minutes, waiting for the most available operator. Then have them promise a call back.

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