Thursday, July 24, 2008

$32,751 and 77 bids later, Steelers' Super Bowl ring has wrong score

It was the Pittsburgh Steelers' first Super Bowl ring. They had beaten the Minnesota Vikings -- aka the Purple People Eaters -- 16-6. The Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain held the Vikings to zero touchdowns and just two field goals. Franco Harris, the game's MVP, rushed for 156 yards. That was Super Bowl IV in 1975 in New Orleans. Now more than 30 years later, someone noticed a mistake on the Steelers' Super Bowl ring. The ring lists each of the Steelers' playoff wins -- Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings. The only problem is that the Bills score is wrong. The Steelers won the game 32-14. The ring tells a different story -- Steelers win 32-6. Hmmm.
One of the Super Bowl IV rings just sold on eBay for $32,751 after 77 bids. Wonder if this mistake makes the Super Bowl IV rings any more valuable? Or less?

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