Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brett Favre is a wonderful person, but ...

Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner hit the nail on the head yesterday in his column headlined: "Why I 'hate' Brett Favre." He doesn't really hate Favre. But Mr. Shutdown Corner is like most of us. He really does like old Brett, but he's just tired of the act. He writes, "Here's my beef. He's acting like a little girl who can't make up her mind, and is then puzzled by the fact that when she finally does make a decision, not everyone is bending over backwards to cater to her every whim." Amen. But Mr. Shutdown Corner does stop there, he writes, "You want an outright release, Brett? That's great. I want to take a bath with Sienna Miller. But I don't think either one is likely." And, in an effort to make the point crystal clear, at right is Miller. So ... what most of us in the blogging world just want to say is: We love you, Brett. (Just not as much as Peter King.)

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