Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.
  • Fanhouse writes: "Mike Greenberg Googles Himself and Mike Golic, Finds Out, 'People Cannot Stand Us.' "
          MIF (Most Interesting Fact): "But what really interests me about Greenberg's comment on the radio today is that it seems that if it weren't for that one-time occasion of Googling himself, Greenberg would not be the least bit aware that there are a whole lot of sports bloggers who rip ESPN on a daily basis. When you're sitting in a studio in Bristol, the sports blogosphere is easy to ignore."

  • Stiles Points writes: "Cleveland Browns banking heavy on Jamal Lewis; should sign Shaun Alexander"
          MIF: "Cleveland errored by not acquiring free agent running back Lamont Jordan who was recently released by Oakland. the New England Patriots wasted no time in scooping up Jordan to provide more depth at the running back position behind Laurence Maroney."

  • Deadspin writes: "The Beer At Gay Bars Must Be Especially Good."
          MIF: "Their school already has the gayest of all mascots — not that there's anything wrong with that — so why shouldn't two University of Virginia football players be arrested for stealing beer from a gay bar? Yep, it happened Saturday."

  • The Big Lead (who grew up a New York Jets fan) writes: "Will the Jets Please Make a Run at Favre?"
          MIF: "Offer the Packers next year’s No. 1 for Favre, and then grab a RB in the second round. Maybe we’re just being naive, but how can you put a value on a Hall of Fame lock teaching Clemens the ropes?"

  • ESPN's College Football Nation shares each conference's most hated team in today's posts.
         MIF: The Mid-American hates Toledo; Pac-10 loves to hate USC; SEC loves to hate Alabama; Conference USA hates Tulsa; Big 12 loves to hate the Longhorns; Sun Belt hates Middle Tennessee; Mountain West hates BYU; WAC hates Fresno State; ACC loves to hate Miami; Big Ten loves to hate the Buckeyes;
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