Monday, July 28, 2008


What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here's what they did.

  • Don Banks for Sports Illustrated writes, "Don't expect Favre to play for anyone this year."
    MIF (Most Interesting Fact): Banks quotes one NFL defensive coordinator as saying, "(Brett Favre)'s not a guy who's ever been very reflective. He just reacts to what's in front of him. That's exactly the way he played quarterback, and that's how he's handling this. He makes it all up as he goes."

  • According to the Associated Press, Terrell Owens gets best of Pacman Jones in Cowboys camp.
    MIF: "During that one-on-one drill Sunday, the highlight on the third day of the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp, Owens made a double move to break past the player who wants to be formerly known as “Pacman.” Tony Romo’s long pass hit Owens in stride for what would have been a touchdown."

  • The Shutdown Corner, over at Yahoo! rips the streaming video of NFL games, "The NFL, giving something away for free? It must be worthless."
    MIF: "The game's already available to anyone with a TV and an antenna. How many people out there have a computer and high-speed Internet, yet lack a TV and an antenna?"

  • According to the Associated Press, "Edgerrin James says birthday won't slow him."
    MIF: "The four-time Pro Bowler has 11,607 career rushing yards, 13th on the NFL's all-time list. He needs 1,133 to pass Tony Dorsett in seventh place. Last year, James blew by such former stars as O.J. Simpson, Corey Dillon and John Riggins."

  • The Detroit News reports, "Ford Jr. frustrated with team, but not with Marinelli."
    MIF: "(Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr.) also declined to speculate about what would happen if the Lions don't make the playoffs this season."

  • The Chicago Sun-Times reports, "Hester feels the love, heavier wallet."
    MIF: "Realistically, he can achieve $32 million to $33 million, a handsome payday and much more than the Bears' initial offer. Originally, the Bears tried to guarantee only $5 million for Hester. His goal the last month was to equal what his friend (defensive tackle Tommie) Harris received, and he did that."

  • CBS Sportsline asks, "Will (the Browns') new defensive girth be all it's worth?"
    MIF: "(Browns General Manager) Savage traded draft picks to get both of them (defensive linemen Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams) during the spring in an attempt to improve a run defense that gave up an eye-opening 4.5 per rush, which was tied for 30th in the league. The Browns also gave up 129.5 rush yards per game, which was 27th in the league. That's what they call getting gashed."

  • George Vecsey of the New York Times writes, "(Giants coach Tom Coughlin) Living and Learning, Changing and Winning
    MIF: "After the Giants fell apart late in 2006, and a lot of fans thought Coughlin had contributed to the slide, this proud coach listened to his children and his wife, Judy. Good grief, he even sought input from reporters who covered the team."

  • From the Washington Post, "Doughty Confronts Loss of Hearing"
    MIF: "One day while closely observing (Washington Redskins rookie safety Reed ) Doughty in a meeting, (Redskins safeties coach Steve) Jackson noticed Doughty was watching his mouth move as if he were lip-reading. Jackson figured Doughty must have had trouble hearing, and a hearing test revealed Doughty had moderate to severe hearing loss."

  • The Associated Press reports, "Goodell says he will not discipline Bills' Lynch."
    MIF: "He could have faced criminal charges but reached a plea deal with prosecutors. The woman suffered a bruised hip and a cut to her thigh that required seven stitches."
    Can't think of a better time to run this video of Lynch's driving skills.
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