Thursday, July 31, 2008

Capital Hill's hottest? Kucinich wife gets our vote.

Politics and religion. Two things you should never discuss. But this one time, we will make an exception. Just once. The Hill, a publication that covers Capital Hill in Washington D.C., released its list of "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill 2008." At the four spot, and our personal favorite, is Elizabeth Kucinich (above left), wife of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who's been on the Presidential campaign trail just about as long as he has been in Congress. But, boy, is his wife nice. The Hill quotes the 30-year-old British beauty as saying: "It's a nice thing. I'd rather have them discuss my beauty than that I'm ugly." The Hill ranks the first 10 and then lists the other 40. Kucinich ranks fourth. Our other favorite is Rana Abtar, a 29-year-old from Baalbek, Lebanon. Unlike Kucinich, Abtar (above right) failed to make the top 10. But this photo made her selection so easy. Of course, maybe it was the tight outfit, which maybe considered cheating. The Hill reports, "Abtar studied to become a translator - she's fluent in Arabic, English and French - but later became a writer and reporter for a local news station in Lebanon." She said she is often mistaken for being Latina on Capital Hill. Love to hear other folks' selections. Check it out and report back. In a note of interest, while Dennis Kucinich didn't make the list, his fellow neighboring Congresswoman, Betty Sutton, did make the list. (And for your information, men were also on this list.) The districts of Sutton (at right) and Kucinich butt up against each other. Sutton is 44.

  • And if this isn't enough, surely Carmella Decesare, Tampa Bay quarterback Jeff Garcia's No. 1 lady, will finish the deal.

  • Of course, Stiles Points is asking whether Brooke Shields is still hot. Judging by one of the photos that is posted, the answer is yes.
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