Thursday, July 24, 2008

Associate professor of journalism rips Greta Van Susteren's interview with Favre

Chris Ison rips Greta Van Susteren's interview with Brett Favre. The most interesting part of Ison's critique is the tag on the end of his story: "Chris Ison is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication. A Wisconsin native and Packer fan, he won a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting in 1990 while a reporter at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis." The Pulitzer is impressive. Being a Packers fan, not so. In his story, he mentions: "I suppose we could have expected kid gloves. After all, the Favres obviously chose the interviewer carefully. Van Susteren is from Appleton, Wis., owns Packer stock and had interviewed Deanna Favre about her battle with breast cancer." So her stock ownership is relevant, but him being a fan of the team isn't? Her being from Wisconsin is relevant, but him being from Wisconsin isn't? Hmmmm. Just saying.

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