Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What Would Main Stream Media Do? Well, here's what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports: "Rams new Rush strategy: Limbaugh as an owner?"
          MIF (Most Interesting Fact): "As the Business Journal points out, Limbaugh’s radio career has made him a wealthy man, though it’s unlikely that he could, on his own, take control of the Rams. More likely, he would acquire a minority stake, or be part of a larger conglomerate that purchases the team."

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook: "Roethlisberger will drive Steelers' success."
          MIF: "The Steelers are lucky to have an elite player at football's most crucial position, the best quarterback in the league not named Tom Brady. You might argue for Peyton Manning. The Steelers and I will take Ben Roethlisberger at this stage of their careers. That's why the Steelers gave him a $102 million contract in March, including a $25.2 million signing bonus. That's why I'm here to tell you this morning he is the one reason to like the Steelers' chances of holding off the Browns in the AFC North Division."

  • Buffalobills.com writes: "NFL commissioner Goodell visits Bills Training Camp."
          MIF: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on status of small market teams and conversation with (Senator Chuck Schumer): "The nature of the conversation was to find out how the Bills are doing and fortunately that's good news. The effort here to regionalize the team further into southern Ontario and into Toronto has been a very big success for the team and I think that's something we're all proud of , the fact that we can now make the team stronger here in western New York. That's good for the team and it's good for the fans."

  • The Lisbon Morning Journal is reporting: "Steeler’s likeness only victim in pipe bomb blast."
         MIF: "(Salem Police Detective Dave) Talbert noted the inside of the house is decorated with Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia and the spot the pipe struck before coming to a rest was in the groin area of a poster of wide receiver Hines Ward." Hmmmm.

  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports: "Lewis runs for titles, legacy and Jim Brown."
          MIF: "(Browns running back Jamal) Lewis, who signed a new three-year deal in the off-season, used his grueling workout regimen and a new diet to lose up to 15 pounds since last year. His weight now fluctuates between 235-238 -- down from his high of 250 last season. 'I haven't been this light since college,' he said. 'At this point in my career, it's not about running people over. It's about trying to get around them and run past them as much as you can.' "

  • The Columbus Dispatch reports: "(Andra)Davis not about dollars."
          MIF: "A cut in base salary of 44 percent? Get my agent on the phone and find a way out of Dodge. ... After what (Browns linebacker Andra) Davis described as the worst year of his six-year career, the Browns asked the inside linebacker to accept a base salary in 2008 of $1.675 million instead of the $3 million called for in his 2005 contract extension. In addition, the Browns told him 2008 would be the final year of his contract."

  • The Kansas City Star reports: "Larry Johnson eases into new role of savvy veteran."
          MIF: "(The Kansas City Chiefs) picked a running back this year in the third round of the NFL draft. Jamaal Charles is quick and young, seven years younger than the 28-year-old Johnson. The Chiefs think he, or 2007 fifth-round pick Kolby Smith, could carry the team if (Larry) Johnson can’t do the heavy lifting that his foot buckled under last year. So at the same time Johnson is trying to outwork and outplay the young rushers, he’s also trying to mentor them."

  • The Seattle Post Intelligencer is reporting: "(Julius) Jones used to running in shadows."
          MIF: "In five training camp practices, (new Seattle Seahawks running back Julius) Jones has hit the hole quicker and with more determination than (Shaun) Alexander did the past two seasons, when injuries and an offensive line in flux eroded his effectiveness. Jones also is proving to be a sure-handed option out of the backfield in the passing game, another area where Alexander's presence had become a problem."

  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting: "What does (Steven Jackson) want?"
          MIF: "But a little-known provision in the collective bargaining agreement could be a huge detriment to a prolonged holdout by (Steven) Jackson. According to the NFL Players Association, players under contract must report at least 30 days prior to the first regular-season game or else they lose an accrued season of seniority. The Rams open the regular season Sept. 7 in Philadelphia, so Jackson must report by Aug. 8 — a week from Friday — or else the 2008 season will not count toward his eligibility for free agency."

  • Philadelphia Daily News reports: "(Eagles defensive end Chris) Clemons taken to hospital."
          MIF: "Eagles officials forbade photographers and TV cameramen from shooting footage of Clemons being loaded into the ambulance, which was not running its siren when it departed at 11:27 a.m., preceded by a black unmarked police car. Clemons seemed to be conscious and sitting up on a stretcher, hooked to an IV, as he entered the ambulance, though reporters were kept about 40 feet away, across a road from the entrance to the fieldhouse."
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